Welcome Here, I’m Katelyn!

I love to create. This blog is the place where you’ll find all of my creative hobbies. You’ll see how to projects, home design and decor tips, sewing creations, the art of quilting, and the occasional thrift flip.

I am a wife and a mom of two. I love creating spaces that are intentional and function well for my family. Simplicity is what I crave and ultimately strive for. 

Let’s rewind to before I had my son, I was working in a physical therapy office, bored out of my mind, looking for a way to be creative again. My husband and I had recently moved into our first house and had a few projects to complete. So naturally, I started a home DIY Instagram. lol

Now before I started my DIY Instagram, I’ve always known I wanted to have a blog. For the longest time, I was stuck trying to figure what it should be about. Once we were living in a home it became clear that I love home projects and design and kmdcreates.com was born. 

In between home projects, you’ll find me at my sewing machine. I started with sewing quilts and have evolved into sewing my own clothes and refashioning unused items. I’ve even challenged myself to create first before buying anything this year (primarily with clothing!)

So whether you found me through DIYs or sewing, I’m so glad you are here!

My hope is to encourage and equip you to pursue the things that bring YOU joy, whatever and whenever that may be. 

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