I’m Katelyn! A wife and momma living in Wisconsin. 

Living creatively and intentionally. 

A few things you should know: 

I have a deep love for thrifting. Styling my home and my wardrobe with second hand pieces makes me very happy!

I tend to overthink design decision for far too long but once I have a vision in my head, I won’t stop until it’s exactly as I see it.

I have a strong desire to create a handmade home. I’ve taught myself how to quilt, use power tools, and will help you too!

The greatest titles I will hold are wife and momma and family always comes first.

I believe our bodies were innately designed to thrive, heal, and function. We just need to know how to support them. 

I firmly believe we all possess talents and gifts that separate us from one another. We just lose sight of them far too often. 

The intention behind this blog is to share home projects, design inspiration, my sewing creations, and to show you someone who is willing to try.  

My hope is to encourage and equip you to pursue the things that bring YOU joy, whatever and whenever that may be. 

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