Three Tips to Start Thrifting Your Summer Wardrobe Right Now

Three tips to Start Thrifting your summer wardrobe right now

Your local thrift store will be putting out their summer inventory soon, if they haven’t already! Thrifting for clothing can be a challenge and time consuming if you’re not careful. Here are three tips to make the process go smoothly as you curate your summer wardrobe.

1. Take inventory of what you already have

Pull out those summer totes and take an inventory of what you currently have. Try on a few pieces to see if they still fit, if they don’t simply let them go. If they do awesome! Decide if you want to keep items from last year and take a moment to think back to what you didn’t have in last years summer wardrobe that you wish you did.

2. Create a Summer Wardrobe Wish List

Head over to our good friend Pinterest and create a mood board of outfits you love and would like to re-create. This can take a while but you are most likely going to be drawn to similar styles. Look for common items in the photos and create your wish list of items. See mine here!

3. Get thrifting!

This is your permission slip to get thrifting my friend. Keep your kids wardrobes in mind too! You have your wish list in hand and items you wish you had the year prior, so let the hunt begin! If you’d like a like more advice on thrifting and shopping second hand you should read this post.

My word of advice when shopping second hand.

– kmdcreates

A few things I’m looking to add to my summer wardrobe are oversized denim overalls (because I’m obsessed..!), maybe a wide brim hat, dresses with simple patterns, and a few subtle graphic or colorful tees and tanks. I already found these trouser shorts (that fit so well!), tee that is the perfect color red, and this black sweater tank.

Alright friends! Hope this kickstarts your desire to get out and curate your summer wardrobe right now, because summer will be here so so soon!

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