The Art of Gift Giving

gift giving

As the season of giving approaches, I was given the idea to share a few gift giving tips. I will be honest though I am not the best gift giver, but I know someone that is and they gave me a few tips to share for when it comes to gift giving.

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Now before we look into what to get, you want to take the time to think about the person you are buying the gift for. Think about who they are, what hobbies they enjoy, what they have, what they don’t, what they need, what they want, and even what they might be too cheap to buy for themselves. Think of an item that they might have never known they needed.

For example, a few years ago when my husband and I were dating he gifted me and iPad for Christmas. One I was shocked because it had only been a few months and I new they were a few hundred dollars. I probably gave him something really lame like a shirt or something haha! I never thought I would ever need one but come to find out that I have a lot of uses for it! I still use it to play music, for recipes, to scroll Pinterest, watch a show here and there. Honestly it’s probably been the most used gift I have been given in the last 5 years.

Criteria to Consider

As we walk through the gift giving process let’s talk about a few things to consider when gifting to any one.

  1. Practicality is key
  2. Buying a High quality item no matter the budget
  3. Something they will use nearly every day

Between my husband and I, we like to try to spent our money locally within our community. Now that doesn’t mean only shopping at mom and pop stores or only small businesses but really knowing who our money is going to is important to us. We also like to buy as many made in America brands and goods as we can.

Gift Ideas

Alright lets talk actually gifts now, because if you are anything like me you are hung up on some previous detail and need some actual examples. So here you go.

Let’s start with gifts anyone would enjoy.

  1. Subscriptions for all year long.
  2. Wool socks or blankets are great for cold climate people
  3. Think of an experience the person would enjoy like tickets to a game or a concert.
  4. Food is always a great gift for someone who has everything – We gave my Father in law a gift card to his favorite local meat store for his birthday
  5. Shoes: These are a few brands we like – Haflinger house slippers that are great for the winter months, Red Wing Boots, Danner hiking boots, muck style boots, and I have been transitioning to more barefoot style of shoe and love my VEVOs, Everleigh Meadow Sandals, and I have been eyeing up some VIBAe boots too.

Gifts for Men

gift giving for men
  1. Tools – Williams Screw Driver Set and a Stanley Fat Max – 25ft are two great options
  2. MAG Light flashlight – Runs off of D batteries and could be used for self defense if needed
  3. Hanks Belt
  4. Knife maybe even a compass if they are real outdoorsy

If you are looking for a quality tool brand please email me or send me a DM. My husband would love to share his favorite brands with you! Especially if you are considering buying Professional vs homeowner tools.

Gifts for Woman

gift giving for women
  1. Books- Coffee table books, Cookbooks, Photo book
  2. Cozy blanket
  3. Plant
  4. Bialetti Coffee Maker – Makes the best cup of coffee IMO Various sizes available

Even if you are looking for more budget friendly items you can always go with handmade items made from wood or metal if you have those skills. You know I love gifting quilts and other homemade items. Food is always a good option because everyone has to eat!

Pretty much any of the quilts I have made I have gifted but there are a few that were pretty special to give. Read about them here – The Quilts I have Made From Dress Shirts.

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