Bonus Blog Post: Baby Boy Quilt

The baby boy quilt needs its own blog post!

I recently gifted this quilt to a friend of mine for her baby boy and thought that it should be shared with you because it was such a fun quilt to make. I wasn’t the best at taking progress pictures for this one so I will share what I have.

This is the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern by Emily Dennis. I bought her Stashbuster Series Quilt Pattern Bundle and have been loving it! Since a lot of my quilt fabric was gifted/ given to me, being able to use up all the random scraps in various quilts has been one of my favorite parts of the quilting process.

For example the fabric from above is a mix of my Mother In Laws stash, her mothers stash, and a few odd pieces that I had. I just love being able to pull all of theses different pieces and make it into something that will be treasured for years to come. Because I know how much I loved and treasured my own baby blankets when I was younger. It is cool to be able to potentially do that for someone else.

Also I was shocked at how quickly this quilt top comes together!

The mix of warm and cool colors works really well. I just love the scrappiness of this pattern. One of my favorite parts of the quilt process is laying out the all blocks and getting a sneak peak of what the quilt top will look like.

For the backing fabric, I used a piece of flannel and the binding is a part of an old sheet.

To finish it off, I included some hand stitches since I just love the look of them. I hope to hand stitch a whole quilt top someday. It just seems so yummy and cozy to me.

baby boy quilt

And that is the baby boy quilt!

I have been itching to start a new quilt but feel like I need to organize my fabric stash to see what I have before I do that, Since I have the space I’ve been wanting to cut my excess fabric down into more useable and precut pieces. So then I’ll be able to pull the pieces and sew them together without having to cut them. Any tips on how to do that would be greatly appreciated!

Want to see a few other quilts I have completed? I have a few in this post The quilts I have Made from Dress Shirts.

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