DIY Small Kitchen Makeover | Ideas for a $2,000 Budget

diy small kitchen makeover

Here is how we did a diy small kitchen makeover for $2,000. If you are looking to update your space without a ton of DIY experience you are in the right place. Below is listed the changed that we made.

1. Replace Flooring

Our home has beautiful hardwood floors all on the main floor except for in the kitchen. Picking a flooring that would complement the flooring was a tough decision. At first we were considering a lighter color like white but after feedback from my friends over on instagram we decided against it. We settled on this gorgeous charcoal sheet vinyl.

kitchen makeover 1

Now because this is a budget renovation We made the decision to use vinyl. But honestly if this was going to be a home we would be in for a long time I might have considered different options like actual tile.

2. Paint Upper Cabinets and Replace Lowers

Since how little storage there is in this kitchen, keeping the upper cabinets and painting them was the right choice. My only regret is not removing the hinges. and painting them separately. Would have given them a more professional look but most the cabinets in our home have painted hinges so I figured it wouldn’t be a big deal. Also there is the whole thing of they are old cabinets would we have been able to reattach them and have them hang straight.

As for the bottom cabinets they just needed to go. The drawer slides were horrible. Some of them wouldn’t even close. We tried replacing the drawers slides and it made it worse. The cabinets were purchased from Menards. Oh, and we added a dishwasher! Major upgrade! Luckily my in-laws replaced theirs semi-recently and kept their old one.

3. New Countertops

Truth be told our old counter tops weren’t in bad shape but if we were going to be replacing the lowers it only made sense to replace the countertop as well. I personally have always loved the look of butcher block countertops and they are extremely budget friendly.

kitchen makeover 2 countertops

4. Paint backsplash

This is probably the most budget friendly thing you could do to your backsplash. We used Rustoleum Tub and Tile and it was an extremely easy to apply. It’s a two step process. Loved doing it.

5. New Sink and Faucet

The last thing we did was replace our cast iron sink with a huge stainless steel one. One way you could upgrade your sink is to change out the faucet but we just used the one that came with the sink.

Before and Afters

I couldn’t leave you hanging without a before and after so here you are!

Before and After

I hope this DIY small kitchen makeover gave you some ideas for your renovation!

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