Ideas for Crafty and Creative Christmas Decor

Ideas for Crafty and Creative Christmas Decor

Looking for a few crafty and creative ways to spruce up your Christmas Decor this year? Here is a post showing you how I have DIYed, crafted, and thrifted most of my Christmas decor over the years.

Faux Mantle

Need somewhere to hang your stockings but don’t have a beautiful fireplace or mantle to adorn? Make your own! With a little fishing line and command hooks you can give your garland and stockings a home for the holiday. It is surprisingly sturdy and I actually love the way it looks.

For this look use two separate garlands and add some string lights and your faux Mantle is ready to be decorated with care. Need the Step by step? I got you! Hey you can even pull up a fireplace or cozy Christmas scene to make your TV feel fancy like one of the Framed ones you see everywhere. I unplugged my tv for the picture and honestly would like to not see the cord but I’m not about to put like 3 more holes in these plaster walls. lol

Spruce Up That Tree

Now we have had our 5ft Christmas tree going on year number four. While our tree is technically a porch tree, it is not very sturdy. In years past our dog has easily knocked it over so I knew it would be losing battle against my almost two year old. To make this tree hold it’s own I decided to put a few bricks in the bottom of a larger basket I had on hand and place the tree inside securing it with one of the many throw blankets I have been gifted over the years by stuffing it into the basket. I thought I was going to break the basket but she held on. haha

DIY Beaded Ornaments

Want to get your kids involved? Have them help string beads for Christmas tree ornaments or make your own beaded garland! I used to have a beaded garland but it unfortunately was demolished by a puppy.

Christmas tree Christmas decor

I mean what is more kid friendly than some wooden beads?

Re-finish Clearance Finds

I love being able to shop the end of season clearance especially when there isn’t a huge budget to work with. For instance, I found these ceramic trees at Target for $3 for the big ones and less than a dollar for the small ones end of season clearance last year. I knew that just because they were pink they didn’t need to stay pink. I used the good old paint and flour trick to add some texture and I love the way they turned out.

That is all I have for you today! On Friday I will be sharing a few other touches I have around my house that reflect the Christmas season. I hope this post inspires you to repurpose a few things and hone into that creativity of yours to make this Christmas season extra special even if you don’t have the budget for it! I think I’ve bought maybe one or two new things every year and that has been just fine. See you Friday!

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