A Master Bedroom You’d Love To Live In

a master bedroom you'd love to live in

Are you craving a master bedroom that is cozy and inviting? One that feels like a retreat from this crazy world? If that sounds like something you need in your life this post will help you get there.

Design doesn’t have to be complicated and it can be unique to you. In this post you will learn all about what makes a master bedroom a feel like a sanctuary and which elements you should consider adding! There is also a complete mood board at the end! So don’t miss it 😉

Main Components

You will need a bed of course, a nightstand or two, and a rug to cozy up the space. These components allow you to add depth to your space as well as function. Since you need to sleep, a place to put your glasses, the latest book you are reading, and that glass of water, a night stand is perfect. A rug adds dimension even if it is on carpet already! By adding this layer, you really ground the space.

Let’s talk about the bedframe and head board. If you are still sleeping without a head board its time to elevate your bed. You might be thinking really… a headboard? I promise you, IT MAKES A DIFFERENCE. It’s like an accessory for your bed. This is the chance to add interest to your bed. For me, I’m all for the cushioned pillow-y headboard. I like one with soft edges but you could totally opt for a more structured headboard to make a statement and make the bed the focal point of the room.

Next we will talk about adding a rug. YES! Even if its over carpet. When you include a rug in your bedroom design you are able to pull all of your design elements together. I chose a rug with darker greys and blues with hints of natural brown. You’ll find all the colors in the rug in the room itself. It adds dimension and definition to space and you can easily switch it out to when you want spruce up your space.

Master Bedroom Accents

Theses items are not absolutely necessary but definitely add a little more comfort to your bedroom.

If you have the space, consider adding a sitting area. This would be the designated place to lay down your day, wind down with a book, and chat with your spouse. OR inevitably become the dumping ground for the million outfits you try on before deciding what to wear. Oh that’s just me… then never mind. lol

Something you’d want to consider including is an accent wall. I’m OBSESSED with accent walls. You can use peel and stick wall paper, the traditional board and batten, or vertical shiplap to name a few, but really the possibilities are endless.

By adding art or photos above your bed allows your eye to settle on a focal point. Like I said earlier you can choose your headboard to be your focal point but for me, I like having something like this landscape print above the bed. It adds a softness but also texture while bringing your eye up the wall making the space feel bigger.

The Mood Board

The moment you’ve all been waiting for. The completed mood board.

master bedroom mood board

This design may be simple but I’m all about incorporating intentionality into my designs. I am working on cutting out added clutter and “fluff” when is comes to designing a space. I hope you see how adding a few key elements can elevate your master bedroom making it the sanctuary you deserve. There are a million different design options to choose from especially when you aren’t an interior designer. It can get overwhelming. My hope is that you learn how you can make a space feel well designed but also feel like you and like a place you’d love to live in.

I don’t want you to feel rushed with your home design decisions so I wrote this post for you. Its the three biggest reasons why you shouldn’t feel like you have to rush your home. There is a key take away in the last paragraph that you may need to hear.

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