Three Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Rush Your Home

Three Reasons Why You Don't Need to Rush Your Home

With this day and age of having everything right at your fingertips, feeling like your home or apartment needs to be decorated and designed to perfection puts a lot of unnecessary pressure on yourself. You don’t need to rush your home. I say again.


The intention behind this post is to encourage you to embrace the season you are in, live with what you have for a bit, and take the pressure of having a home or apartment that is magazine or Instagram worthy.

Reason # 1: Design costs money.

Most likely you spent a lot of money to purchase your home or rent your apartment. I encourage you to live in the space for a bit before you make large furniture purchases. Find couches on Facebook marketplace or at the thrift store. You can live cheaply, temporarily until you are recouped from your home or apartment purchase. You will be surprised at how expensive furniture costs. Let alone all of the elements of a well designed interior.

Reason # 2: Trends change constantly.

It’s easy to see the recent trends and long for the same look. But if you are constantly chasing trends it can be really hard to know what your actual design style is. I believe your home should be a reflection of you and the atmosphere you thrive in. For me, I need a space that feels relaxed and cozy. I love neutrals and timeless pieces. Shopping second hand allows me to pay tribute to the times of old with more vintage and classic pieces while saving money. I want my home to feel timeless, others may want a bright colored living room with splashes of color in every room. Like I said before your home should reflect your personality. Create it in a way that makes YOU feel good.

Reason # 3: Homes take time.

This may be the obvious one but homes really do take time. Any time I attempt a project of my own, I am humbled by the amount of time and attention to detail you have to give in order to get a truly professional finish. Now I’m not saying the projects I’ve done have turned out professionally but to the average homeowner its pretty good. I’m kind of a perfectionist and will fix areas when I make mistakes. I would say if you are to attempt a DIY you haven’t done before, start small and in an area not many will see. YOU don’t have to have it all figured out right now. It takes time making your house feel like your home. You don’t have to rush your home in order to be a good hostess. Embrace the in between stages. People will come to see you not that your home is perfectly decorated.

dark leather couch with rug

There you have it. A few reasons why you should feel like you don’t need to rush your home. While I appreciate a well designed home, its unrealistic to expect that as soon as you move in, especially when it is your first home or apartment. I hope you leave this post feeling encouraged to embrace the chaos for a bit and figure out your design later. To take the pressure off yourself and create intention within the walls of your living space. I shared a post that can help you instantly make your house feel like your home here.

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2 thoughts on “Three Reasons Why You Don’t Need to Rush Your Home”

  1. I love this reminder “Embrace the in between stages. People will come to see you not that your home is perfectly decorated.” A house is a home because of those who live there not because of the decor/style.
    I’ve missed seeing your instagram post but love that you’re doing what’s best for yourself! Looking forward to reading your blogs on Wednesdays!

    1. Yes, exactly. I shared it because I’ve needed that reminder myself. I’ll get back over there soon! I just needed to get a clearer understanding of what I want to share and how I want to share it. I hope you enjoy future blog posts, thank you for commenting!

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