How to Create a Cohesive Home

Does your home feel like a mishmash and a hodgepodge of design trends? Does it feel like you have a lot of interior design pieces you like but actually don’t feel like they fit together and are cohesive?

Sometimes we think we need to rigidly fit into the mold of interior design styles like Modern Farmhouse, Bohemian, or minimalist. But if you are anything like me you actually enjoy a mix of styles. Then the challenge becomes well how do I make it look cohesive?

That is what this post is all about my friends. My hope is to help you see that you can have a mix of styles and make it feel like you AND well designed. Seems like a tall order so lets get into it.

1. Establish a Color Palette

You most likely have a color palette occurring naturally in your home. A way to make your home feel more cohesive is to highlight your color palette in each room. To find your color palette you will take in each individual space. Scan each room and ask yourself what colors does your eye go to first? Note the wall color. floor color, furniture colors, and any other pops of color you may see. You can also do this by taking a picture of your space and pulling the colors you see from there.

The trends lately have been a lot of neutral color palettes rather than bright bold colors. But if you love color this is your sign to start sprinkling it in. It may feel a little daunting, even intimidating, at first but take it one room at a time and start small. Your home should feel like a reflection of you!

2. Determine your Main Style

Next we are going to look at the overall vibe of your home. By figuring out your main design style you’ll be able to have a starting point. For me personally I love a mix of vintage pieces and cozy textures with an overall more natural and rustic vibe.

There are countless home design quizzes and I took a few for this post to see what my results were and if I found it helpful. I just googled home design style quiz and these were the ones that came up. First I took the one on Modsy, it is super simple and pretty accurate to the overall vibe I like to have in my home. Havenly was just as easy to take and it gives sub styles which maybe helpful or confusing for me it’s both. lol The last one I took is from pottery barn and it focused more on the finishes rather than over all design.

Links to the quizzes:

Determining your main style helps to find the elements of design that you are drawn too. If there is a result in one of the quizzes you actually don’t like, you don’t have to incorporate it. They are just tool to highlight your overall style and elements you like.

3. Create Focal Points

You may be asking yourself, how will creating focal points help my home be cohesive?

Well, in most living rooms there is either a fireplace or tv, and if you are really lucky a big picture window those are your focal points. Use the natural bones of the house and accent it. This also helps you to define your space and showcase your color palette. Overall making the space feel cohesive. Bonus Tip: Define your spaces using rugs- decide if they will be the star of the show or simply a compliment to existing pieces.

Alright, my hope is that this helps you on your home design journey and how to create a cohesive home. Remember you don’t have to rush your home (read this post if you do feel this way!). You can make changes SLOWLY overtime. I also want to encourage you to play around with design styles. Especially if it’s early in your home designing stage of life. Your style is allowed to evolve (just like you do!)

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