Seven Ways to Decorate Your Big Blank Walls

Seven Ways To Decorate Your Big Blank Walls

Feeling like you have blank space on your walls and want to spice things up? Here are the seven ways to decorate your big blank walls.

  1. Utilize Mirrors- Mirrors are a great way lighten up a space and make it feel bigger.
  2. Use large frames with white space – it is something visual to look at but also gives space for your eyes to rest. I like using frames like this in sets of three, six, or nine. It’s a great way to display family photos
  3. One large frame- showcase a landscape photo you’ve taken, or a map of a special place
  4. Photo ledges- A great option that you can use a mix of art prints and another way to display family photos
  5. Statement Wallpaper- Wall paper is on the rise and its a lot easier to install these days. A lot of wall papers are essentially a giant peel and stick. Just make sure to read the instructions before ordering.
  6. Color Blocking- consider painting a section of your walls to help define the space.
  7. Sponge wall – this trend may have run its course already but it is a great option to try if wall paper freaks you out. It’s a little more of an organic look and it can always be repainted!

When it comes to decorating your blank walls look at the space around it. What shapes do you see? Try and introduce a new shape! For instance if there are a lot of rectangles or 90 degree corners add in something round like an arch or a circle.

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You can always us a combination of ways to create a space that feels fun and unique. Utilize Pinterest to find inspiration for all things home decor it is a great visual resource! Pin along with me this link will take you there.

Turn your big blank wall into a space you love to see. Don’t be afraid to try something new. Live with it for awhile then switch it up if you don’t like it. Your home will evolve as you do so embrace it at each stage of your life!

Does your home feel like a mishmash of design trends? Read this How to Create a Cohesive Home.

See you next week!

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