Simple Home Décor Items That Look Good Anywhere

home Décor items

Consider this post the holy grail of home décor. The pieces on this list are the tried and true pieces that really do look great anywhere! I’m talking ANYWHERE – bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchen, living rooms, literally ANYWHERE.

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1. Olive Trees

Or any tree (real or faux) just make sure it has some height. My favorite place to put an olive tree is in the living room. It brings life into the room even if it is a fake. They are fun to add in bedrooms, entryways, and those little nooks that you just don’t know what to do with. It’s like bring the outside in (which we love around here!) A few are linked here at different price points.

2. Landscape Art

Or any piece of art for that matter! This makes my thrifting heart so happy because there are so many unique frames and other home décor items at the thrift store. You can easily switch out the art and give the frame another life. My favorite places to find art like this is on Etsy, but Hobby Lobby has a great selection and they are always available in various sizes. I have also considering DIY-ing landscape art myself but haven’t quite found the time yet- but its on the list 😉 Linked a few of my Amazon favorites here!

3. Vases / Pottery

Vases and pottery items are a great way to incorporate interesting shapes and a more organic feel to any room. I love adding stems to vases especially on coffee tables, mantles, book shelves, kitchen counters and even in the bathroom either on the vanity or open shelving. You can also leave them empty and have the vase be the star of the show. There are usually some small ones you can find in the Target dollar spot or you can thrift them easily and transform them with this tutorial! How to turn any vase into Vintage Inspired Aged Pottery

4. Books

Books will always have a place in design. Whether they are beautiful coffee table books or just unique thrifted finds, they are a great way to add height and dimension when styling. Usually stacking them in twos or threes works the best. Display your cookbooks in your kitchen, not only will they function as decor you are also more likely to flip through them! I’ve linked a few of y favorite coffee table books and gorgeous cook books that deserve to be displayed!

5. Baskets

Not only are they functional but they are great ways to hide the not so beautiful things! You can use them in the living room to store extra throw blankets and pillows, you can store kids stuff like diapers, wipes, and toys. In the kitchen they can store fruit and vegetables and serve as a catch all in your entry way. YOU can find baskets pretty much at any store. I love checking my local TJ Max, Marshalls, and Home Goods! Amazon has a surprising selection as well and they are linked below.

These five items really do look good anywhere! If you are stuck in your design process try mixing in any one of these I’m confident you’ll end up with a look that is simple and effortless. Simple home décor items are a must and having items that are easily interchangeable is such a bonus.

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