How to Give Your Outdated Bathroom a Face Lift

How to Give your Outdated Bathroom a Facelift

Bathrooms are having a moment right now. While it can be frustrating to live with an outdated bathroom there are a few ways to live with it just a little bit longer until you can do the complete gut job it deserves.


First, let’s talk vanities. Vanities are usually where you store everything you need in your bathroom. If yours is feeling dated here a few ways to give it a face lift.

  1. Paint the base
  2. Switch out the hardware,
  3. Even go so far as to spray the vanity top! (Its a thing! All thanks to Allie @prbsthirtyonegirl on instagram. linked the story highlight going over the process here!)
  4. Or if that is a little intimidating add contact paper to your vanity top!

These are simple things that can have a great visual impact and even extend the life of your vanity.


Depending on your flooring situation there are a few things we can do to make your outdated bathroom feel not so outdated!

  1. The easiest way is to cover it up with a fun rug. If you have longer bathroom having a runner that extends from the sink to the toilet is a great way to make the space feel longer.
  2. Paint your floors! Rustoleum has a great line of floor paint especially for bathrooms. It’s called Rustoleum Rocksolid. The process seems straight forward which can also be found in this highlight from Allie – Painted Floors.
  3. Lastly use peel and stick vinyl tile like Cynthia its a relatively easy way for you to give new life to your flooring, Read her blog post here – A Quick and Simple DIY Vinyl Floor

You don’t have to live with ugly floors! If you are willing to put in some time and effort you’ll be able to bring some beauty to your outdated bathroom.

Everywhere Else

For walls, you can also paint or add some fun waller paper. I would suggest switching out your light fixtures maybe even the sink handles and faucet. Add a few unique hooks for towels or revamp what you already have with you guessed it spray paint!

A few other design elements to consider when looking at your outdated bathroom would be adding a few art prints, functional decor like glass jars or baskets to hold the bathroom necessities and if you have the space add some texture with a fun hamper.

If I were to design a bathroom today it would probably look something like this.

outdated bathroom

Hope you found some inspiration in this post to give your outdated bathroom a little love and hopefully you won’t dread looking at it after this! Happy mini renovating!

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