How to Add Interest – Small Split Level Entry Way

how to add interest - small split level entry way

In this post, I share how I refreshed our small split level entry way. I walk through my design process and how this design evolved. We end up with some color blocking, a thrift flip, and a small peg rack build in this small space. We add character as well as interest to what was once a blank space (see below). We take this space from blahh to ahh or what about drab to fab? No they are all bad. lol Let’s just get into it.

Above is what the entry way looked like for the first year we lived here. I always knew adding a mirror would be a great addition as it would make the space feel bigger.

So with that in mind, I scoured Pinterest for an almost exact layout to see what others have done. I am a very visual person, so its the logical first step. In this case, I didn’t find anything that I liked, so this was going to be all my own design. I did have a few elements I knew I wanted in my design. Like color blocking with a mirror and a small shelf. Then one day when I was out thrifting I came across this octagon mirror (below) and that is where the vision truly started.

Now, I didn’t love the rich dark orange stain and knew it could be sanded down. Which ended up being a little too beachy for me. So the next option was to either re-stain or paint the mirror. For me, I love incorporating natural elements in my designs and knew a wood tone would look nice with the dark blue chalk paint I had on hand.

With the major focal point handled, I began brainstorming the functional element. I looked online at various shelving and peg racks but didn’t see what I was looking for and decided to create my own. We always seem to have scrap pieces of wood hanging around and I had been itching for a wood project.

So with a few scrap boards and a new dowel for the pegs I got to work. I walk through the whole process on my Instagram in the highlight “small entry way”. (Linked here.) I stained it the same color as the mirror which was special walnut. It gave it the perfect amount of warmth that I was looking for.

I spent the next evening painting the color blocking element and could see my vision coming to life.

I spray painted an old glass maple syrup jar to display some greenery and incorporated an embroidered sign I won from an Instagram giveaway from @twin_maple_blossoms (Instagram page linked here). Emily creates beautiful embroidery for the everyday. The gentle reminders that can be displayed all over your home. I would encourage you to look her up if you need a small gift or something to refresh your space. (see below)

The Reveal

I love it! It turned out beautifully while adding function at the same time. I mean who doesn’t do a once over in a mirror before they leave the house! For this reason alone I love having this mirror here.

There you have it! My small entry way refresh. A new focal point that creates interest all while being practical. Its the little things like this that help make your house feel like your home. I love adding paint and thrifted items together to transform a space! Check out this post for a few of my other favorite ways to transform your house into your home. What is your favorite part of this design?!

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