Empty House Photo Tour

I’ve been meaning to share a video tour of our new house but haven’t had the time to edit it. hah SO you’ll have to take a photo tour with me. I am not a professional photographer and these were all taken in a matter of minutes of each other. lol

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We will start with the front entrance. We will be replacing this door at some point. It is a hollow core door which you don’t want for a front door.


You can see we have a small closet in line with the front door which is nice to hang coats and such.

Then we walk directly into the living room.

I forgot to take a picture looking into the kitchen from the living room but I adore these arches so much. When moving in we realized our giant couch wouldn’t fit through the front door or though the arch so we will be selling it.

Headed through the arched on the left you can see the stairs and you enter a small hallway. Directly in front of you will be the bathroom and then the two bedrooms on the main floor.

main bath with my main man.

Before I show you upstairs let’s look at the kitchen.

These cabinets are original to the house. They are really tall. I’ll be getting a step stool and am considering doing something different with the floors at some point. They are like a peel and stick and I don’t love them.

Now we will head up the stairs to our little guest suite, with a half bath and a bedroom. Realizing I didn’t take a picture of the hallway but you come up the stairs and walk down a short hallways and come to the half bath first.

Then as you round the banister for the stairs you’ll see the bedroom straight ahead.

That will conclude our photo tour! I didn’t take any pictures of the exterior because I haven’t taken any lol

Be on the look out for the empty house video tour over on Instagram. I am hoping to post that very soon!

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