Styling your Kitchen Decor with Intention

Styling your Kitchen decor with intention

When it comes to kitchen decor its easy to add clutter because most home decor doesn’t actually serve a function besides for it to look pretty. Something I have been working on is limiting the excess decor around my home and being extremely intentional about what to display.

Since my kitchen declutter, I have been inspired to really trim down on the decor in my space. I guess you could say all of last year was teaching me what I *really* need to make a space feel like home and like me. So here are a few things to consider when it comes to styling your kitchen decor with intention.

What Needs to Live on the Counter?

Think of your countertop as prime real estate you have to manage. Most of the time it is limited and therefore needs to be clutter free. So when it comes to styling your kitchen decor think about what needs to live on the countertop and what can be tucked away. For instance we have a stainless steel water filter system and a kitchen aid that both need to find homes on the counter because theses items are larger and we use them often.

sink wall before

You really want to consider the layout of your kitchen when it comes to placing these items. Along with how your kitchen functions. You could also think about ease of use. Meaning how easy is it to get out and put away? If you have to move more than one or two items, it is probably not going to get put away very often.

Functional Beauty

Next we want to think about what other kitchen items do we use everyday that can really turn into functional kitchen decor. Like for instance we don’t use a normal drip coffee pot everyday. We usually make it with a French Press or use our Bialetti. Which are pretty enough to be left on display.

kitchen decor

Tip: If you have everyday use items but don’t like the look of them, replace them with a more aesthetic version when you are able to. Like when the item needs to be replaced or it breaks, or you just feel like treating yourself. Kitchen decor should be a combination of function and beauty but also a reflection of you!

Bring in Some Life

Adding in living things into your space using plants is a great way to make your space feel like lived in. It’s like saying “Yeah someone has to live here or these plants would die.” There is a reason you see something organic like stems, greenery, flowers, or your typical houseplant in beautifully styled spaces on Pinterest, Instagram, and in magazines. It makes the space feel lived in.

Tip: You do not need a ton of house plants. One or two will do the trick. Especially if being a house plant mom doesn’t fit your lifestyle. You can also consider getting low maintenance plants or even utilizing faux plants in your kitchen decor. I have had the same spider plant for years! Its actually propagated from my moms spider plant that she has had for years. They are great because they are so hardy. If plants really aren’t your thing find some frames of stems or flower picks.

Make the Practical Beautiful

As mentioned before, make your everyday practical items more aesthetically you. Display the items you love and use the most. It is helpful if they are in a similar color palette. Makes the space feel cohesive but you certainly don’t need to go out and buy a whole new set of bowls or dishes just to meet your *aesthetic*.

As an example, I enjoy mixing white, neutrals, and woods tones, with touches of black.

The overall goal of being intentional with what we bring into our space is to limit the amount of things we are thinking about and managing all the time. I think of the concept of “Your clutter gives you clues”. If your coffee grounds always end up staying on the counter maybe give them a permanent home next to the coffee pot in a glass container.

Or if you are constantly cluttering your counter with the amount of dishes you have cut down on the number of dishes available to you. This has been instrumental in changing my view of dishes. Less things to make dirty = the less time I am standing at the sink. For more tips, I highly encourage you to read my recent kitchen declutter post!

Hope this helps when it comes to styling your kitchen decor! It can be overwhelming and you might find yourself wanting all of the things it beautify your space but if none of it are things that you truly enjoy then you are just cluttering your home in the name of trying to keep up.

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