Easy Home Improvement Ideas You Need to Do

easy home improvement ideas you need to do

Needing a few easy home improvement ideas to tackle this summer? Here are a few ways to make small changes that make your home feel like yours.

Ever feel tired with your aesthetic? These ideas will help spice up your home and bring a little more life to your existing space.

In this post you’ll learn all about the easy home improvement projects that don’t take much time and have a major impact!

Let’s start Outside

  1. Paint your front door – try a new pop of color or go neutral! Its a simple high impact that you see almost every day!
  2. Accessorizing your front door – double up on welcome mats, add a few pots with flowers or greens. You’ll even feel more welcome.
  3. Adding window Boxes – let your windows shine with the help of window boxes! Again you can add flowers or greenery!
  4. String up some lights – bring on the ambiance! You’d be surprised what a few strings lights will do to your exterior setting!
  5. Stencil the patio – have some fun with a new pattern!

Inside Upgrades

  1. Add Crown Molding – nothing says let’s elevate a space more than crown molding!
  2. Install a stair runner – this is a fun way to add color and dimension to your stairs.
  3. Re-caulk your bathroom – nothing is more satisfying than a fresh caulk line!
  4. Switch up your Shower head – it fun to dress up things you’ve been using almost everyday!
  5. Hang your Curtains High and Wide – adds a softness that makes any room feel more cozy.
  6. Frame out bathroom mirrors – give them the custom look by adding trim to the mirror in your bathroom!

What do you think of these simple and easy home improvement ideas? If you’d like a few more ideas to transform your home read this post – Five Ways to Transform Your Home Instantly.

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