Thrifted Home Decor and How I Styled It

One of my favorite ways to shop for home decor is by thrifting it! Thrifted Home Decor is a way to get “the look” for less. In this post we are going to take a look at some of my favorite thrifted decor items and home I styled them!

Pottery and Vases

The first item of thrifted home decor is this vase. It started out as a pink vase with florals on it. I loved the shape and knew I could work some magic on it with a little baking soda and paint. There is a whole blog post dedicated to the process! HOW TO TURN ANY VASE INTO VINTAGE INSPIRED AGED POTTERY.

There are endless ways to style this vase but I love to keep it in my living room either on my coffee table or on a book case and switch out the florals and greenery seasonally. It is an easy way to bring in the feeling of each season without changing a whole lot. Finding items that can transition from season to season is a great way to make your home decor budget stretch. You also won’t have to store a lot of excess which is a huge bonus.


Next on the thrifted home decor list is this hexagon mirror. I found this mirror a few years ago and fell in love with the shape. It ended up being the perfect size and shape I was looking for, for my entry way. After a little sanding and a fresh stain she was perfect.

I love having a mirror on a wall near the door so you can give yourself the last once over before leaving the house. Mirrors are also a great way to play with light and add interest. If you want to see the full transformation using this mirror read this post – HOW TO ADD INTEREST – Small Split Level Entry Way.


The last of the thrifted home decor items is this lamp. Just like the vase I transformation, I was planning on doing that with this lamp. But in our old house it really looked good as is. Thrifting lamps is another great way to save on your home decor budget. I have yet to buy a lamp at a thrift store that doesn’t work!

Again, I fell in love with the shape and texture of this lamp that lives on my living room table. The longer that this lamp in this house the more I want to change it! I think with the starkness of the white trim and lamp shade it looks more yellow than white. I’m thinking of spray painting it black but wondering if it would clash with the brown table it sits on and the brown furniture… I’m thinking the decision will come to me once we have a couch instead of this IKEA chair. lol

Well there you have it, a few of my favorite thrifted decor items and how I styled them! I haven’t done a whole lot of thrifting lately and if I have, I’ve been looking for baby items.

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