How to turn any vase into Vintage Inspired Aged Pottery

how to turn any vase into vintage inspired aged pottery

Love all the vintage vibes but can’t justify the price tag? Been there. In this post I show you how you can take any old glassware and turn it into vintage inspired aged pottery.

It’s no secret that I love thrifting and when it comes to home décor, the thrift store is one of my first stops. Something about taking an item that has been let go and giving it a new life. That is exactly what I did in this case, and you can do it too! If you are new to thrifting and would like some tips I share some of my advice when shopping second hand in this post.

Material List

  • Vessel or glassware you want to transform
  • Spray Paint or regular paint and brush
  • Dirt/ Mud

I love the big round shape of this vessel but do not love the color or the design. I instantly think to transform it into the vintage inspired aged pottery that I LOVE. So lets get into it.

The Process

  1. First we lightly sand our glass ware. (I actually forgot this step.. but added mud to it before I sprayed the first coat.) Just take any old piece of sand paper and lightly rough up the glass. This will allow the paint to adhere to the glass.
  2. Next we spray or brush on our paint. I did two coats. Let it dry.

3. Then we smear the mud and dirt all over the vase. Be careful not to put too much mud as it can be hard to remove once completely dry.

4. After the mud has had a chance to dry a little, we begin to wipe off the excess mud and dirt. You can do this by hand or with a wet rag. I did a combo.

5. Continue to wipe off the excess until you are satisfied with the aged look. I actually wipe a little too much off so I just repeat step 3 again and don’t wipe off as much the next time. You can stop once you are satisfied with the aged look.

I style it with a marble serving plate, a wood trivet, and a few vintage books. Then add thrifted greenery and it becomes exactly what I look for. It is the perfect coffee table arrangement. You can also place it on an entry room table, or on your kitchen table as well.

Now we have vintage inspired aged pottery! Don’t you love it?! I DO! I love a simple, high impact, beginner DIY that any one can do. I know I said this earlier but taking something that has been cast aside to then turn it into something beautiful will never get old.

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Here is the link to my thrifting advice!

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