Why Making Your Own Clothes is Better

Why Making Your own Clothes Is Better

Want to learn why making your own clothes is better? In this post we talk about the reasons why making your own clothes is better than buying them. You’ll also learn a few of my favorite resources for getting started. Watch it on YouTube.

In this post you will learn a few reasons why making your own clothes is just better.


First let’s talk sustainability and about the mass production of trendy clothes (especially for woman) it takes energy and resources to produce those items. You hear all over the place about sustainability and while sustainability IS a perk of making your own clothes its not the main driving factor for me. Like the fabric I use comes from somewhere…


After learning the companies I was supporting through my clothes shopping didn’t align with my values, I came to the decision that I need to stop supporting them because they don’t support the kind of life I want for my family. Another huge reason (for me) why making your own clothes is better. I’d rather spend the time and energy learning a new skill that will serve my family and I for years.


I thought that making my own clothes would take a long time. And much to my surprise it really doesn’t. I actually thoroughly enjoy the process of selecting a pattern, finding cozy fabrics, creating garments I love, and look well on my body. I’ve surprised myself with this make.. it is actually made out of a clearance shower curtain.

making your own clothes

We also need to talk about the time saved from not going clothes shopping, Not worrying if there will be something that fits. Not worrying if there will be a patterns and colors and sizes for me. Not stressing if everyone has that same dress or if I am dressed in too trendy of clothing, (lol Yes it is a worry of mine!) I have always loved having a little bit different style than everyone. Not that I have ever let it shine through. But I am trying to embrace it now with my “me made” clothes.


Next let’s talk money. Think about the time you’ve spent clothes shopping and where you spent your hard earned dollars most likely on other things that you’d tell yourself that you need. It’s such a savings. Fabric can be expensive but the amount of things that you can make from that expense are endless. Personally, if I don’t use the fabric for me, I can use it for my son or in a quilt. It is simply deciding if you are going to spend the money making your own clothes or buying them!


Lastly, here are a few resources that have been great sources of inspiration for me.

Madi from The Essentials Club on YouTube. These tutorials are so simple to follow and for me, I learn better from watching videos than reading patterns!

Janelle from Rosary Apparel on YouTube creates beautiful dresses and has easy to follow tutorials as well.

I’m sure I’ll have more to add to the list but these two have been my favorites lately!

These are just a few reasons why making your own clothes is better and that’s why you should start making your own clothes. You’ll save time and money. You’ll have fun learning a new skill. Lastly, when people ask you where you got your item you can tell them you made it! How cool is that?!

Maybe if making your own clothes isn’t your thing you can start with thrifting! Read this post for the Three Tips for Thrifting Your Summer Wardrobe!

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