Five Ways to Transform Your Home Instantly

Five Ways to Transform your home instantly

Here are my top five ways to transform your home instantly.

  1. Paint

I am a true believer in the power of paint. For less than $100 you can have a completely new space. Look at our kitchen before. Dark cabinets, dark wall color, and dark flooring. Kitchens shouldn’t feel dark. New paint to the cabinets and wall make it feel inviting and not like you are living in a cave. Can we also mention the backsplash becomes more of a focal point for your eye rather than competing for it.

2. Remove carpeting

This is obviously personal opinion but carpeting just doesn’t stay nice and plush when you have kids and dogs running around. I feel like most carpets have a good three years until they start to look dingy + dirty. I much prefer vinyl plank flooring + hardwoods to carpet. Rugs are way easier to replace than carpeting. See what a difference it made in our living room?!

3. Accent walls

Want a builder grade home to feel like your own?! Add character in the form of accent walls. They make a statement and are relatively easy to install. Not to mention relatively inexpensive. There are a bunch of board and batten calculators they help you get your spacing just perfect – linked here. Vertical shiplap or even traditional ship lap are great options as well.

4. Update your hardware

Want a low cost high impact transformation? Update your kitchen or bathroom hardware. You will be surprised at how that slight change can elevate your space and home.

5. Corner round

By adding corner round to your baseboards especially if you install your vinyl plank flooring your self allows you to be less precise in your measurements. It also elevates the finish in my opinion.

There are my go to ways to transform your home instantly! Do you have a go to transformation? I’d love to know!

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