A Few Tips for Organizing Your Small Kitchen


You all shared some great tips for organizing your small kitchen with me over on instagram and they were really helpful. So here are a few that I will be utilizing and a few that I have for small spaces as well as a few plans we have for the kitchen!.

Get rid of the Excess

With small spaces especially in a small kitchen its easy to get lost in the quantity of items. For me it seems to be mixing bowls and coffee cups. This is really a great lesson for me to learn what we need vs what we have. I also am the dishwasher since we don’t have any space for one. So having less to keep in the cupboards means there will be less for me to wash, manage and store.

This is a step I have to complete still but I want to gauge what we need before I do!

small kitchen

Get Creative with Storage

We have one wall of cabinets in our small kitchen so getting creative with where to put items has been a challenge. My mother in law recommended that we take out one of the shelves in the cabinet to store taller items. Like the blender and instant pot (the counter appliances I use regularly.) Rather than storing them downstairs because out of sight out of mind, I’ll forget to use them. OR choose not to because it has no place in the kitchen.

A bonus tip: Utilize Basket Storage. Our fridge is the current drop zone for our coffee gadgets and beans, small packaged food items, dog treats, and various supplements. Each in their own basket!

Ask Yourself How Can This Space Function Better?

This is a question the I am always asking myself. I don’t like wasting time and I don’t like working inefficiently. So I ask myself what would make this job easier? Since we don’t really have space for a table in our small kitchen, one solution would be to add an island with seating. as well as some storage below.

It might seem counter intuitive to add a large item to a small space but for me it could potentially cure all my current woes. Like having no place to prepare food, no place to sit down and enjoy the food, and no place to put my kitchen aid, air fryer, cook books, and spices. I actually saw this one at Ikea that would work really well.

I feel like getting this island would be an ideal scenario at the moment but we also will be adding a cabinet in-between the stove and the fridge once we install new ones. So we will wait and see if I still want this Ikea island.. we also have a couch to buy so this may be pushed until the funds are available.

I hope this gave you a few ideas and a look into what is to come in the kitchen!

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