We Bought an 1890’s Home: Here is What it Looks Like

1890 home renovation

We bought this house with the intention of living here for a little bit and then transitioning it into a rental space for us. If you have been following me on instagram OR you’ve been apart of my newsletter since the beginning you might remember me sharing about buying a potential rental property about two years ago.

With that deal falling apart at the last minute, we set down that dream for a bit until now.  I introduce you to OUR MASSIVE RENOVATION Project. 

We know there will be a bunch of decisions to be made and pivots will need to happen along with new iterations so I am reserving the right to change my mind and bring you along with the process!

 So without further ado here is the first floor. There is only one toilet on each level (no showers or tubs) and we will be removing this massive stove in the kitchen. From the kitchen you go into the dining room and it connects to the room I started in. We will be filling in these walk ways to make two rooms with a kitchen / dining / living area. 

Then we head up the stairs to a very similar layout. This first room will be the kitchen then again you walk through to another room and another and end up back into the fourth room where the toilet is located under the stairs. This home used to be a single family home that has been empty for about 20 years. 

If you were renovating this house where would you start? 

Because this home was built in 1890 you see the thick trim, wallpaper galore, and did you notice the linoleum patches over the hardwoods? I love the character that this home has and hope to pay tribute to it during the design process. I want to honor the time frame this home was built but also bring in some modern amenities and make this space feel cozy, comfortable, and calming.  

The reason this home only has toilets and no showers is because the family had a sauna in the backyard that since fell over or burned down idk its gone now so they didn’t need a shower inside. What a time to be alive. How times have changed and how cool to know that part of this homes history. 

We love that this home is about 600 sq. ft and can’t wait to take you along in the process!

I’ll be making a renovation series over on youtube so you can check in and see how progress is going (or not going!) This walk through is live so be sure to check it out!

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