Have You Fallen Into This Home Design Trap?

Have you Fallen into this home design trap

Picture this, you’ve just moved into your first home or apartment, this is the first place you’ve lived on your own. You’ve grown up seeing all the instagram trends, thanks to Pinterest, you think you have your home aesthetic nailed down, until you step foot in Marshalls, Home Goods, and Target. You get inundated by all the pretty fabrics and remember seeing an influencer sharing this vase and another sharing this chair and another sharing faux stems.

You add them all to your cart thinking you’ve scored big. Only to come home and realize nothing is fitting into your design vision or with the hand-me-down Facebook marketplace furniture. You have 7 different aestethics trying to happen all at once. You start to question – How does XYZ DIYer do it? How does their home look so put together and cohesive?

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Have you been in this situation before?

I sure have. We are in such a unique time where we can see inside people’s homes and spaces like we haven’t ever before. Especially if you are following some of the major brands in the business online. Their spaces are gorgeous, drool worthy, and inspiring. I love following them too!

But then I think is XYZ design choice practical? Like am I really going to set a giant ceramic vase in the middle of my living room filled with literal branches for my kids to knock over? I think not. But can I absolutely appreciate the beauty of it in a picture.

It is so easy fall into this home design trap, to get caught up in the beautiful spaces you see online. It’s easy to see beautiful homes and wish that for yourself. Heck its easy enough these days to buy everything you see in a photo (its probably all linked!) You fall into this home design comparison trap that makes you feel less than when it comes to your home.

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Your beautiful home filled with the people you love. The place where your memories are being made. The home that gives you shelter, warmth, and where you lay your head at night. One of the greatest gifts that has been taken for granted.

You can dream of having the big beautiful custom home someday if that is what you want. OR you can make the home you have now into a place that you love. A place that showcases your family and your lifestyle. A place that may be a mishmash of furniture pieces that are all second hand but you can appreciate that they are serving your family.

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If you find yourself here, get in touch with what you need and desire out of a home. Make that your pin worthy home. Not all the excess stuff that clutters your home and your mind. The more stuff you have, the more stuff you have to clean around and worry about. Bring in home decor pieces that are a reflection of you and not just because “it was on sale”. I have a rule that my decor needs to have another purpose outside it looking nice. I like to use a lot of books and plants when it comes to my home design.

My biggest piece of advice, start by buying pieces that you absolutely love and solve a problem you have. Otherwise you end up filling your home with trendy pieces that don’t reflect your true desire for your home.

Does home design feel overwhelming to you? I put some of the best tips for figuring out your space here.

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