The Best Coffee Table For Your Living Room

The Best Coffee Tables For Your Living Room

Which coffee table is the best for your living room? Let’s talk about it.

Depending on your space and your existing furniture, selecting a coffee table can make or break your space. Since I love highly functioning spaces that look well put together, I’m going to share a few tips for when selecting the coffee table that will be just right.


Oval, circle, rectangle, and square are the most common shapes for a coffee table. Oval and rectangle shapes are best for narrower spaces while circle and square coffee tables are better in larger areas.

living room coffee table

You may want to consider rounded edges if you have littles running around so you won’t have to worry about them bumping into sharper corners. We clearly do not worry about that with our diy live edge oak coffee table. lol

living room kitchen view

Our live edge coffee table works perfectly in our narrow living room. It leaves space to walk through the room while also creating the illusion that it is spacious. If we were to use the chest in front of the window as our coffee table, this space would feel very heavy and for a lack of a better word clunky.

It definitely worked better as our coffee table in our previous home. Since there was significantly more floor space to fill, and the room was not a high traffic area, having a solid piece of furniture helped to fill the space. We did not want to create the airy illusion that we love in our current living room.


Knowing your style when it comes to selecting the material of your coffee table is helpful. If you have a more ornate couch or rug that you want to show off, opting for a glass table can help with that.

If you are looking for more of a cozy vibe, a solid table made of wood will ground the space. I personally love using natural materials like wood in my home design because it feels very classic and grounding by bringing the outside in. It also tends to warm up your space based on the wood tone. But tends to bring in a heavier feel than glass or metal. Wood coffee tables work great in large rooms and in areas with a lot of natural light.

Hope this helps you when selecting a coffee table that is right for you and your space!

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