Home Design Made Easy

Home Design Made Easy

Are you completely overwhelmed when it comes to home design? Is it something you’ve never thought about or had an interest in until you moved out of your childhood home? Feeling like you don’t even know where to start with trends and styling?

If this sounds like you, you are in the right place my friend. I have been in your shoes and have spent the last year making steps to really hone in on my home design style and creating intentional spaces that I LOVE that reflect me and my family. This post will hopefully inspire you when you feel stuck or overwhelmed with designing your spaces.

Where to Start…

The very first thing I would do is download the Quick Start Guide for Easy Home Design – Learn the four steps I take every time I’m designing a space. Being a very visual person I take my time finding inspiration and finding elements I want to have in my design. This guide breaks it down for you.

Next if the feeling of your home is off, it could just come down to placement of items on the walls, no clear focal points, or defined spaces. These four posts will give you a bunch of ideas and explain a little bit more about home design as a total beginner.

How to Create a Cohesive Home

Seven Ways to Decorate Your Big Blank Walls

The Best Ways to Add Character to your Home

Five Ways to Transform Your Home instantly

Home design can feel daunting but it doesn’t have to be. I hope this post serves as your jumping off point, especially if you want your home to feel unique to you. It is so easy to get lost in the home decor sections of target and TJ Maxx and buy things that bring clutter into your space and really have no clear function. (This was me my friend!) But if you really want a home that is a reflection of you and your family, you will fill it with personal items in intentional ways.

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Embrace Slow Home Design

I truly love the concept of slow decorating and taking your time decorating and designing your home. Also if you are anything like me and watch all the DIYers of instagram pump out these massive beautiful projects week in and week out I hope you look at them as inspiration and not the true representation of what real DIYing is all about.

The truth is homes take time. Let go of the idea of getting your home designed “perfectly” and just live in your space for a time. It is okay to let your walls be empty. Its okay to live with temporary furniture. Its okay to not know anything about home design or have any desire to DIY.

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Creating a home you love, that functions well, and reflects your life is the goal here. You don’t have to follow all the design rules and I certainly can get hung up in aisles of Home Goods. But my hope with this post is to help you let go of the pressure to have your home designed perfectly, to embrace the temporary, and encourage you to be intentional with your home design.

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