The Best Ways to Add Character to Your Home

the best ways to add character to your home

Want the best ways to add character to your home? These are the simple ways to turn your lack luster home into your own.

Most homes have little character to them because you don’t actually need ship lap or board and batten to live there. In this post you’ll learn a few simple ways to add character to your home without breaking your bank account. These are few of my favorite budget friendly ways to transform your space.

Embrace the Natural Charm

Before you read any further, you need to take notice of the natural charm of your home.

Take notice of the trim around the doors and windows. Consider which decade your home was built. Does is have crown molding, arched door ways, penny tile? If you have a newer home you won’t see a whole lot of these details throughout your home unless you picked those finishes.

Don’t worry if you don’t see a whole lot of interesting finishes. There are a few things that can be done to add character to your space!

Find Unique Lighting

Next, get rid of the boob light and have some fun with different, unique lighting fixtures. Chandeliers are fun ways to make a statement in kids rooms, master bedrooms, and your main living spaces.

Add Personality with Wallpaper

The easiest way to add character and personality is with wallpaper. It doesn’t have to stay forever either. There are some great peel and stick options that allow you to change things up when you want to. Unless you’d want to glue the wall paper that’s totally your choice.

Mix New with Old

As you know It is no secret that I love mixing old and new. By incorporating the older pieces, that I love to find in thrift stores, you are able to add character with the piece of furniture. This post can help- My word of advice when shopping secondhand.

Go Organic

add character

A great way to add character is add in those organic elements like stone or wood. Any way you can bring the outside into your home will give it that lived in, natural feeling. This could be as simple as adding a vase of flowers or stems to a table. You could also thrift flip a vase using this technique – How to Turn Any Vase into Vintage Inspired Aged Pottery.

My Advice

Just go with your gut. Your home should always be a reflection of you and not what’s trending in the home design space. (Unless that is your vibe.. All the power to you!) Make a space you love to live in and that’s unique to you!

I know I can get stuck oogling over design trends that look gorgeous in these big beautiful homes but most of the time won’t work in my space. Which has lead me to be unappreciative of what I do have. Then I remind myself that having a roof over my head is the biggest blessing and it really doesn’t matter what my home looks like was long as I have my basic needs taken care of and my family is happy.

Remember you don’t need to rush your design process. Need the reminder again? Read – Three reasons why you don’t need to rush your home.

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