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Prime day is here with some great deals! I have compiled a list of items I have, use, and love.

All the links in this post are affiliate links so if you choose to purchase items using the links provided I will receive a small commission. This is a way for me to make a small income for my family and allows me to continue to show up here!

There are a few items that aren’t exactly the same but would also be a great option in place of the original item I purchased. I have broken down the items into categories. There aren’t a lot, They are just great deals. Thanks for checking them out! Happy Shopping!


RoboVac Robot Vacuum – I didn’t think I would be a robot vacuum person but since having this one it just takes one thing off of my plate. I haven’t used it much in the last few months because it is packed away and I miss it. It is a lot quieter than the iRobot vacuums. (My in laws have the iRobot and it is NOTICEABLY quieter.


Because we could all use a few gadgets to keep our stuff in order. Not to mention its a great way to make your space visibly neater!

Set of 4 Clear organizer bins – I love using these in the fridge and for pantry items. I tend to do better with the clear plastic organization bins because then I can actually see what is in each bin, know when I need to rotate items, and swap them out (Very visual person here!)

set of 8 organizer bins – great way to split between the fridge and pantry!

Lazy Susan pack of 2 – clear lazy Susan’s make the best organizers for so many items. I like to use them to store my cleaning products, cooking oils, and baking ingredients. Also helps with making a cabinet work more functionally for you!

Water Bottle Organizer – who else has a water bottle buying problem… this organizer is a great way to make a space function better for you!

My favorite Coffee Mugs

Clear coffee mugs – I picked up one of these cups at Marshalls and wish I got the whole set because I am constantly washing it so I can use it again and again! There are a 16 and 12 oz option in this link and you can get either 2 or 4. I love the handles. and love watching my coffee mix with my creamer. lol

16 oz clear coffee mugs – these are a little different design wise and think they look fun!

A few of my tried and trues as well as some other great options! Hope you find some great deals and make the most of your prime day!

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