2022 Home Design Trends I would love to try

Sharing a few 2022 home design trends that I am loving and am dreaming about incorporating into my next home. I walk you through all the elements in the mood board above in this post. How dreamy is that mood board!?

1. An Overall More Traditional Design Style

I find myself navigating to a more traditional design style. It’s a more cozy vibe than say a modern farmhouse and gives an overall nostalgic vibe to your home. It’s more about layering and storytelling vs sleek, minimal, and modern. You may be seeing this a lot this year with more organic pieces and to me having a more traditional style allows for a better mixture of vintage and modern. Traditional home design feels timeless, classic, and very American.

2. Warm Wood Tones

Warm wood tones have been on the rise over the last few years. Especially in flooring, gone are the days of the deep espresso brown and the blue grey flooring. I personally have never been a fan or either style. We installed a lighter wood tone in our home right before we moved and I have been kicking myself for not doing it sooner. Another way to add in a warm would tone would be with cabinetry, a dresser, or open shelving.

home design trend - warm wood tone

3. Creamy Paint Colors

There is something about a creamy paint color that makes a space feel more cozy and inviting and not as stark as the whites of recent years. Your next question might be where could I use them? I’ve been dreaming of kitchen cabinets in a creamy off-white or installing a wainscoting detail in a creamy color. Painting the trim around your doors and windows would be another fun way to try this trend. I personally love the look of bead board, wainscoting, and vertical shiplap and think painting these accents would be a great way to test out the creamy paint color trend.

4. Round Edges

Adding in round edges feels so natural and organic. You may notice a lot of rounded edges in decor and furniture this year. In my mood board I opted for a round lamp and coffee table. Using an arched mirror would also be a great way to show case the round edge home trend or you could start even smaller with adding in a circle pillow.

I’d love to know which home trends you are loving right now and which ones you would pass on. If you loved the mood board post like this check out this post – A Master Bedroom You’d Love To Live In. I share a few elements that I would love to see in a master bedroom!

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