One Last Living Room Look (And One Last Project!)

One Last Living room look and one last project

The Living Room needs one last once over before we put her in the complete category for now. There was one project we didn’t quite finish before I revealed the space to you. We planned on making a custom behind the couch table/ buffet table to house lamps and a place to set drinks.

Since they were simply sitting on two old crates and totally within reach of our toddler and large dog.

living room home reserve couch

The plan for this build is a simple one. Create a table the spans the length of the couch and is snug over the sides. Lately, I have been handing off the whole design and construction elements to my husband. I simply do not have the bandwidth for building at the moment. Plus we have very similar styles.

On the trend of using what we have, the table is made from rough sawn pine. It is the same material used in our kitchen shelf build. I opted to keep it natural and can always choose to paint or stain it when I want to but I’ll probably just leave it as is.

It is a simple design that fits right over the couch. A few Kreg Jig pocket holes and some wood glue, we have our custom couch/buffet table.

Both of these lamps are thrift finds and I actually spray painted the one on the right. The one on the left is actually stunning and is such an old style of lamp. I’m looking at this photo and am thinking they should be swapped to balance the not totally centered map. (If you read the living room evolution post you know what I’m talking about.) I also had to swap lamp shades with the lamp in our bedroom because the other one was a little big on the bottom.

Speaking of bedrooms I have one last project that happens to be in our bedroom that still needs completing before baby comes and its cutting it pretty close if I’m honest. haha! Any guesses as to what it could be?

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