Our Home Improvement Project Punch List

Our Home Improvement Project Punch List

This post probably should have been started the day we moved in but things have been taking a bit to get going around here. So let’s talk about a few of our home improvement project that are on our punch list.

Before we do that I should let you know that we won’t be doing any major structural changes and to be honest we probably won’t even paint any of the rooms. I know I’ve mentioned painting before but if we are being honest we are hoping to rent this place out next year and not much needs to be done in order for that to happen.

Main Floor

Starting on the main floor in the Living Room. We are planning on buying a couch, I’m quite indecisive and there are specific requirements a couch needs in order to fit into this house. Read more about that saga in this post – We Need a Couch. The few other things that need to happen here is to:

  • Replace the front door
  • Paint Entry Closet door and trim white to match the rest of the house
  • Install Entry closet door handle
home improvement project

I’m so excited to get rid of this teal door. It looks like someone just slapped teal paint over what used to be purple and they didn’t even tape the little windows or scrap off the excess paint which really bothers me. It’s time for it to go.

Next we move to the Kitchen. Here we have one home improvement project that will be quite involved. It would be to add a dishwasher and move one of the cabinets to the other side of the kitchen in-between the stove and refrigerator. We replaced the stove and the refrigerator the first few weeks we were here since the both had their individual issues.

We will also be replacing the exterior door off of the kitchen.

Other than that there are just a few decor decisions I am hung up on in the kitchen which I’ll share more about in an upcoming post!


Moving down to the basement. We need to finish replacing the 3 other basement windows. Then we need to organize it. I’ve been putting this project off because of the windows. But I have an area in the basement that is dedicated to all of my sewing projects and it has been so nice to keep them all in one place. My husband rarely ever goes in the basement and he rarely has to see my mess which is awesome. haha

Other than that our basement doesn’t need a single home improvement project.


I actually have a post that talks all about the updates we have done to the exterior which you can read here. Updating The Exterior of Our House.

The one thing I didn’t mention in that post was the lean-to off of the garage. In the past it looked like it was screened in and a nice hangout spot but I doubt we will return it to that glory. The roof is leaking and the screens are barely attached. The door to get in doesn’t have a handle, and the side walls are rotting in a few places. It just really needs some TLC. This project will be waiting until spring.

We are also considering replacing the concrete driveway. It is starting to pitch towards the house and doesn’t drain well when it rains.

Well that completes our home improvement project punch list! I can’t say I will be doing any of these projects myself besides the small paint projects, organization, and the deciding on the decor decisions I am hung up on. So hardly any of these projects are on my timeline. I will say that having most of them done by the time this baby is here would be lovely! 🙂

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