Five Home Trends To Love

five home trends to love

This is a list of five home trends that are on the rise this year.

It is no secret that I can be a bit obsessive especially when it comes to home design trends. I just love seeing what top designers are doing an what is inspiring to their brands, The trends shared in this post are the ones I am dreaming of and currently implementing in my home. I’d love to know what you can stop dreaming of in your space. (Tell me in the comments!)

1. Plaster and Limewash

I love the subtle texture you get from lime wash. It is a beginner friendly DIY, if it is something you’d like to incorporate in one of your spaces. The technique is easy to achieve with two paint colors, a large deck brush with soft bristles, and some water.

My friend Sam @homesteenhome on instagram, used this technique in her primary bedroom and I fell in love with it. These are her pictures and the tutorial is saved in her faux lime wash highlight.

2. Vintage Inspired

vintage inspired

With cottage core on the rise finding vintage inspired home design pieces is becoming easier and easier. What is tricky with this home trends is mixing the new with the old in a way that makes sense.

3. Dark Wood Tones

This resurgence of dark wood tones in home trends is one I am keeping my eye on. It is no secret that I love the look of wood tones in my home.

window seat

With light wood tones stealing most of our hearts in recent years, I’m excited to see how my favorite brands use the darker tones in their pieces. I love the stain of this faux window seat. it contrasts so beautifully with the light wood floors.

4. Multifunction Rooms

We have had to get creative with how well we use our space in recent years. Having a space that serves many purposes has great benefits. This is a home trend I am more than on board with.

home trends living room workspace

In fact, I am fully embracing this concept in our living room. Read all about how I use my living room as my workspace. This is a great way to add one more seat to our small living room. It is working well so far and it is such a great use of space that wasn’t being used before!

5. Modern Maximalism

A major home trend that is on the rise is maximalism but make it modern with meaningful pieces that tell YOUR family story. I love displaying family photos with gallery walls, and utilize our lawyer cabinet to store special decor pieces.

living room tv wall

Layering is key with this aesthetic along with grouping together shapes and complementary colors. This is giving you the permission to be super intentional about your pieces and really express yourself through your home without it looking like no one lives here or it seems cluttered.

Wondering what other trends caught my eye? Read this!

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