And The Front Door Color Is…

And the front door color is

You have to wait no longer to find out what the front door color is. The teal door that was not an exterior door is out and our new actually exterior door is in… and its RED!

front door paint color

Well, Warm Wassail if you want to be specific.

There are pops of red on a lot of my neighbors houses and not a lot of blues. I disliked the teal color of our previous door mainly because the paint job was not good. Add the fact that it was a hollow core door + easy to break into.. it needed to be replaced.

My husband and our friend Mark replaced the door in one evening and it was left to me to paint it. I asked over on instagram (follow me there @kmcreates!) what color I should paint my door and there was a mixed bag of suggestions! I couldn’t get it out of my head to go reddish or a sage green so I bought a few paint samples to mull it over.

Since we have black shutters and our house is white already I knew we could throw in a pop of color and it would compliment the classic black and white theme we have going on already.

My favorite way to paint front doors is with the sample paint can. You usually won’t need more than what they give you in the sample for one door. For only $5 and not a whole lot of paint left over… I’ll take it.

If you want to see what else we have done to the exterior of our home check out this post – Updating the Exterior of Our House. You can see what the house looked like the day we moved in and what it looked like just before we swapped the doors.

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