How to Upcycle Your Thrifted Lamp

How To Upcycle Your Thrifted Lamp

Wanting a quick project that will may a big impact? Upcycle your lamps! In this post we will cover a few simple things to do to upcycle your thrift store lamps. Let’s get into it.

Now we will be transforming this lamp here. I am not a fan of the cream base with a white shade in our living room with white trim around the windows. I love the shape of this lamp and the texture that is on it already.

thrifted home decor

And if you have been here before you know I share a few of my favorite thrifted items in this post – THRIFTED HOME DECOR AND HOW I STYLED IT.

My first thought with any upcycle is how will paint transform this item and if you read the post I mentioned you know that is my go to method of upcycling thrifted items.

I debated painting this lamp before that post went live but wanted to hear your opinions over on Instagram on how I should switch it up. Find me over there! @kmdcreates

Ultimately a lot of you agreed that I should go darker such as black or charcoal grey.

I decided to keep this flip as low budget as possible and use what I had on hand.

upcycle lamp

Which happened to be black spray paint.

After two coats I brought the lamp back inside to see how it looked.

thrifted home decor

Overall I like the change. I do think a charcoal grey would have been the softer transition in this space but I am happy to have the cream color gone.

A few other things you can do to upcycle your lamps is swap out the lamp shade, hot glue some fabric to your lamp shade to give it a new feel, paint the lamp shade, and obviously paint the base.

You could also use the technique of baking soda or flour mixed in paint for a ceramic look! I used a technique similar to this on a thrifted vase. Read about that here – HOW TO TURN ANY VASE INTO VINTAGE INSPIRED AGED POTTERY.

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