Updated Living Room Photos and A Mirror Makeover

updated living room photos and a mirror makeover

The living room which also serves as my office/ sewing space, a front entry, and the space we as a family spend the most time, is a space that I have been intentional about decorating. The mirror makeover is a major part of that.

I share more about the evolution of the living room here. Consider this post is an extension of that.

My husband is the one who inspired this whole mirror makeover. He was looking at the wall above the chair and said we should put something there. I toyed with the idea for a few days and kept thinking “but what?”

living room

I knew I didn’t want it to compete with the Hydrological map, I also thought that adding artwork would be weird and as I was putting away some gift bags I found this mirror tucked in the closet brought it down. had my husband snap a pic and I decided it needed to be black.

Then immediately started taping the mirror with painters tape. What a putsy but necessary step. Really take your time with this.

Next the mirror was ready for paint.

I used spray paint that I already had on hand and it was an old can so I didn’t get the best application. I had to find another.

A few hours later the paint was dry and I started to peel off the painters tape I had some of the paint seep into the gaps of the painters tape but was able to gently rub it off with a damp microfiber towel.

Then I enlisted the help of my husband to hang it with me. I got it all leveled and marked out with painters tape and he drilled into the plaster for me.

I love using mirrors in my home design especially when it comes to smaller spaces. They just add extra light and always make a space feel bigger. I didn’t realize that black arched mirrors are actually on trend.

I used Pinterest to see how others where styling them. I said on instagram that this mirror isn’t my typical style but I like what it adds to this space. Painting it black definitely makes it work in this space better.

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