The Planning Stages of A Primary Bathroom Renovation: A Mood Board

The planning stages of a Primary bathroom renovation a mood board

Let’s walk through our potential bathroom renovation and a few of the design elements we would like to incorporate.

We have been wanting to update our primary bathroom for a while now. Take it back to its true roots so to speak. There is a window in the shower that we would love to add back in. Our bathroom is on the north side of the house so it gets very little natural light.

We got the idea from this house we were so close to buying and really cannot get this bathroom out of our heads. (Above)

Need a few ideas on how to update your outdated bathroom?

We currently have a walk-in shower and it would be so lovely to have a tub to wash our kids in rather than the totes we have been using.

bathroom renovation before

The three major changes that we’d like to make:

  • A New Toilet – our current one is too tall, my feet literally dangle lol
  • The Shower – switching it to a tub vs a walk in shower and adding the window back in
  • Flooring- see ya beige tile

Then there would be the other finishings like a new mirror, light fixtures, and vanity but we will see. Also to keep in mind selecting finishings that would be indicative to the era the home was originally built. I was thinking of replacing the tile on the other three walls a vertical ship lap or bead board.

We like the look of a subway tile for the shower and a more classic intricate tile for the flooring. Then going moody with the paint color for a stark contrast like a deep green for the walls.

bathroom renovation

I was going to add a shower curtain to this mood board but had the hardest time deciding what it should be. At first I was thinking a bold floral pattern but then didn’t like it with my rug selection. those design details I think about for far too long. What would you choose?

Another element that stumped me for a while was the lighting. It’s almost too overwhelming to find what I am looking for an if I found something the picture would not save clear to add it to my mood board. I’ll link the ones I like here.

Now just because we would like to make these changes doesn’t mean we actually will. I do like having a plan for someday as a reference of what we like and hope to change.

As my dad would always say “Good thing dreams are free.”

I’d love to know your thoughts! Especially on the elements that have me a bit stumped.

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