DIY Faux Mantel for Your Christmas Stockings

DIY Faux Mantel For Your Christmas Stockings

How do you hang your Christmas stockings without a mantel? With command hooks, fishing line, and some garland is how. I walk you through step by step in this post how to create a faux mantel for your stockings.

I’ve been calling this the “command hook Christmas” because I feel like I have been using them in multiple places. The star of the show this season is the faux mantel of course.

Starting off with what you need:

  • Command hooks
  • Fishing line
  • Scissors
  • Garland (I have two different strands)

Optional Items:

  • Floral wire
  • String lights

First we attach the command hooks to the back of the TV. I used three hooks.

command hook

Then we take the fishing line and one strand of garland and tie it to each command hook. Check to make sure it looks level.

Next we will take our second strand of garland and attach it to the first one.

One of my garlands just so happens to be a little longer so I was able to get the framing on each side.

This is also where I used my floral wire to secure the second garland to the first but you could also use your fishing line.

Christmas decor Christmas stockings

Lastly we string the lights and hang the stockings! I love the mix of these two garlands as one is more of a straight cedar and the other is pine mixed with berries, pine cones, and holly.

Now you have a faux mantel to adorn. Ignore the TV cord if you can lol

I love pulling out any seasonal decor and see how I use it in each house we are in. It’s this part of decorating that I truly love. It forces me to be creative and use decor and design in a way that is unique to me. I want my home to be a reflection of me and my family and the best way for me to do that is to create spaces with a mix of thrifted, DIY-ed, and new pieces.

I really don’t want you to walk into my home and think it looks like everyone else’s. It’s a little absurd but I truly think we can use the constructs of design but make it our own, in a way that is unique to us. That’s is all I’m trying do to here. In hopes that it encourages you to make your home feel a little more like you.

There are a few other items I have crafted this Christmas and from years past that you can find here.

Always finding yourself searching for inspiration? ME too! Especially on Pinterest. Find me there 🙂

Til next time!

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