How to get Quilting Fabric for less!

how to get quilting fabric for less

This by far and away my favorite way to get quilting fabric for less. If you have been here for any amount of time you know I have a deep love for thrifting + shopping second hand stores. This is no different when it comes to looking for quilting fabric.

If you are new to quilting this is a great way to build up your fabric stash. If there isn’t fabric to be found always check the craft area. I have found many spools of thread brand new for less than fifty cents. Majority of the time you are able to find something to add to your quilting stash.

Often you can find quilt batting and even precut pieces! I always look through the bedding section for flat sheets that are still in great condition. They make for great quilt backing. I love using flannel sheets as they are soft and keep you warm. Which is exactly what you want your quilt to be!

Another way I get my quilting fabric for less is checking at the big box stores for clearance fabric and bundles. It is likely that it is the end of a season or they are trying to swap out the flannel materials for the normal cotton.

If you want to get super scrappy you could always use old dress shirts – thrifted or otherwise. You can read my about how I did this here!

There you have it! Check out your local thrift store the next time you are out and keep your eyes open at the box stores. You never know what you will find!

If you’d like to learn the basic process of quilt making read this post!

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