My Thoughts on a Minimal Closet

A minimal closet. Is it practical? Is it functional? Is it worth the energy put into it? Answering all these questions and more giving you my take on how a minimal closet is and isn’t working for a stay at home mom of one.

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I have said this on my Instagram and in another blog post but a huge reason I am experimenting with a minimal closet is due to decision fatigue and analysis paralysis. I want to spend more time living my life than deciding how to live it and in what clothes. I’m tired of standing in front of my closet in turn wasting time..

The Guidelines

I spoke about Project 333 in a previous post. ( Practical Steps to Take When You Want to Start Living an Intentional Life.) But will dive deeper here. Project 333 stands for 33 items for 3 months. The 33 items are clothing, accessories, jewelry, outerwear, and shoes. It doesn’t include sentimental pieces of jewelry that you never take off. under garments, in home lounge wear, or workout clothing only worn to workout. You start the challenge by taking an inventory and creating an “I Love” pile then begin building your closet from there.

This is a minimalist fashion challenge designed by Courtney Carver. Snag the book using the link below or listen to it on audible (like I did!)

For me, I included 5 pairs of jeans, a pair of overalls, a few sweaters, a few button ups for layering, tees and tanks, a few dresses and skirts my red wing boots, and my favorite tan wool overcoat. (see below)

minimal closet

My Experience

I have been pretty rigid on the guidelines during the first 30 days, with that being said I have made a few swaps since a few pieces I chose didn’t fit right. This experiment is truly eye opening. It’s pretty easy to follow and has cut down on my time spent sorting through clothes, organizing them, and figuring out what to wear. Some other takeaways I’d like to share are:

  1. I don’t need a different outfit for every single day.
  2. I don’t need to have the latest trendy clothing.
  3. I actually prefer a minimal closet- forces me to be creative with my hair and other accessories.
  4. I would like to find a few simple patterns to spice up my closet.
  5. I like simple + timeless pieces, and have a classic but casual style.


I do not feel limited with the pieces I have chosen. Most of the items are things that I love and feel good in. It also makes me realize that I need to let go of the items I don’t feel good in and just don’t fit my body the way they used to. Since I probably won’t be the same size as I was before I went through pregnancy and postpartum. I can part with the things that don’t fit my post baby body. Which feels really weird to say… I guess its the realization that I am actively trying to embrace my body as it is and not what it was. And let’s be real I am in the phase of constant body fluctuations (the family building years) and there is no use hanging on to items that no longer serve me in this season.

I didn’t intend this post to address body image but its something that I have been actively trying to view in a positive way. I spent a lot of years not doing this and feeling self conscious in so many ways. It’s okay that I don’t fit into the jeans I once did. I’m sure I was undereating and over exercising and not giving my body the support it needs- TOPIC FOR ANOTHER DAY.

If you are in the same busy season, filled with chasing little ones, or even if you aren’t I think this is a great challenge if you want to start minimizing your closet but are overwhelmed with where to start. There is a clear path and endless online resources.

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