My Minimal Fall Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe

Minimal Fall Pregnancy Capsule Wardrobe

It should come as no surprise that I am once again tackling the concept of a capsule wardrobe this time it is fall and I am pregnant! So here is my minimal fall pregnancy capsule! Did I mention I love fall?!

While it can be easy to want to hang out in sweats all day and be super comfy during pregnancy I actually enjoy dressing my bump with form fitting skirts and dresses. I’m more of a curvier woman and pregnancy is really the only time I really accentuate my curves.

pregnancy capsule

If you missed my first time trying out a capsule wardrobe catch up here My Thoughts on a Minimal Closet. This time I’m not following project 333 to a T simply because the point of the challenge is to notice what you need in your closet and what you don’t and trim the excess which I did the first time around.

One of my big lofty goals for my wardrobe is to eventually never store any clothing items away. Ideally I would have a year round closet filled with clothing pieces I love and work with my body- pregnant and not. I have a long way to go but that would be so nice! hah

fall pregnancy capsule outfit 3

Pregnancy Staples

To start off any good capsule we need to start with some staples. In my typical fall capsule you’d see a lot of black denim, sweaters, long flannels, a few heavier layers and my red wing boots. When it comes to dressing my body for pregnancy I like to have a few more form fitting pieces when getting dressed. I’m saying this in the most polite way possible to myself but I’m not a petite girl, I have curves, and when I wear flow-y clothing while pregnant it makes me feel twice as big as I actually am and I genuinely feel like I’m walking around looking like a circus tent.

A few of my must haves for pregnancy:

  • Basic layering t-shirts and tanks
  • good pair of maternity leggings (my favorite at the moment- RASKANA– wow they are comfy and the quality is phenomenal)
  • maternity denim (know of any good brands, please share them with me!)

My Fall Pregnancy Capsule

For my capsule you’ll see a lot of my typical fall wardrobe from when I’m not pregnant like this wool camel coat that I have been obsessed with for years. A few of my other staples are black denim of course and sweaters. I go more in-depth below but I love layering and the look of a fitted skirt, with a turtleneck sweater and a jacket over the top. Will be repeating this formula all season!

fall capsule outfit 1
  • 3-4 classic basic t-shirts
  • sweaters and long button ups
  • a few pairs of pregnancy leggings
  • A few pairs of maternity jeans – I actually love wearing my high wasted jeans when I’m not pregnant so packing them away is bittersweet lol
  • Stretchy pencil skirts
  • Form Fitting Dresses
  • Long button down flannels and shirts
  • Boots – I love my Red Wing boots
fall pregnancy capsule outfit 2

One thing I am trying with this capsule is turning all of the other hangers in my closet the opposite direction to see if I reach for any of the pieces not in my capsule. Like I said before I have a lofty goal but I want to get there intentionally and over time. I’m not looking for overnight perfection, I want to slowly and intentionally hone in on the pieces in my closet that I love and wear constantly.

Another thing to note is that I did not include my church dresses in the mix because I really only ever wear them on Sunday’s and they aren’t in my normal clothing rotation. Also I did not count shoes in my capsule because I only wear a handful of styles.

Hope this was helpful! Share any of your favorite maternity brands, looks you love, and hope you have a great cozy fall season!

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