Pro-Metabolic Eating: What makes a healthy body?

I want to share my journey with pro-metabolic eating with you and before I do that I need you to know where I was about a year ago. Fall of 2021 Katelyn, was a new mom of a six month old, adjusting to motherhood, and wondering how she was going to handle everything. Now at that time I would have classified myself as an over thinker and would tend to get overwhelmed quite easily and if you would have asked me what you’d have to do to be healthy, I would have told you that limiting your dairy intake, eating more salads, and working out is how you’d become fit and healthy. Which I know now is actually NOT a healthy body.

Let us fast forward to today and I’d tell you that a healthy body is warm, mineral-ly balanced, well nourished, and can handle stress with ease. This past year I have been unlearning just about everything I thought I knew about “health”. I’ve always been somewhat interested in the human body and have always believed that God innately designed our bodies to thrive when given the proper resources.

Now I’m drinking raw milk, consume a raw egg yolk almost daily, and have more energy than I’ve ever had, busy young mom and all! Let me tell you I’ve been down the road of oat milk lattes, Whole 30’s, and food avoiding lists. While they have certainly helped me on my healing journey and what I thought was “right” at the time, I’m now at the point where I don’t rely on elimination diets for health.

Pro-Metabolic Eating or ancestral eating is not the newest trendy diet but rather understanding the best way to support our bodies metabolically and that looks different for everyone. My hope is that you’ll learn a very basic understanding as to what is pro- metabolic eating is, where to start when implementing it into your life, and a few resources to help you out.

Disclaimer: This post is not made with the intention to shame dieting or provide medical advice. I’m simply sharing my experience in hopes that it will inspire you to take a more actionable approach and fully understand how God designed our bodies to function.

pro-metabolic eating

What is Pro-Metabolic Eating?

To put it simply, it is eating to support your metabolism. It’s about developing a better understanding of blood sugar and our bodies metabolic markers for health.

A few questions to ask when accessing your metabolic markers would be do you have cold hands and feet? Do you always have that afternoon crash at work? Are you constantly thirsty? Do you go to the bathroom around 10 times a day? DO you go number two everyday? How is your mood? Are you easily irritated or anxious? DO you get sick often? How do you sleep? Soundly or are you tossing and turning? How are your hormones? Are your period symptoms horrendous or manageable? Do you gain weight easily? Is it hard for you to lose?

If you answered yes to any of these questions you may want to pay more attention to your metabolism and find a few ways you can support it. My favorite resource to start with is to read Kate Deering’s Book “How to Heal Your Metabolism”. She explains the purpose of metabolic markers along with so much more. It’s really the book that kickstarted this journey for me so I highly recommend it.

If you want to start learning or should I say unlearning right now I would recommend the following podcasts:

  • The Freely Rooted Podcast – Hosted by Kori Meloy and Fallon Danae start from the very beginning it is designed to build on previous knowledge and it certainly does. It will challenge your thinking and really opened my eyes to this world of having youthful vitality while raising young kids. Love this as a first step. (linked the first two episodes)

Episode One – Welcome Our Stories of Healing

Episode Two – Restoring Your Metabolism

  • Are You Menstrual? with Amanda Montalvo again designed to start with the very first episode and build on previous knowledge. Amanda’s podcast is more technical and is a great resource for answering “the how” question when it comes to pro metabolic eating. Linked her show here as well

Are you Menstrual – Podcast Page

Next Steps

This is were you take the journey into your own hands. I presented a few resources for you and you can decide which path to take. While this post is far from over I feel like I need to pause and say that I am no expert and I am simply sharing my experience with pro-metabolic eating and what I have done. I know this is vague but it’s because the resources I have linked to will do such a better job of explaining how to heal your metabolism and the pro-metabolic lifestyle than I ever could. I will go on to tell you what I did next and typically what I eat in a day.

For me I followed both Kori and Fallon on Instagram and purchased both of Fallon’s Resources – her Meal Plans and her Batch Cookbook.

Because of Fallon I realized how much I was under eating as a nursing mom and started to really try and eat a balance of protein, carbs, and fat with every meal. Her meal plans were my bread and butter for a while, everything I ate was from her meal plans. It was the perfect road map for the season I was in. I want to also note that Kori and Fallon talk a lot about not letting pro-metabolic eating turn into “just another diet” with all of the rules and guidelines. I’ll be honest I needed the rules and the guidelines in the beginning because coming from a history of having “yes” foods and “no” foods the idea of having the freedom to chose my food was a bit overwhelming.

Another huge realization I had during this time was the fact that I was almost always flushing my body of the essential minerals that it needed to function simply because I was drinking too much plain water. Yes, drinking too much water! Which is an easy thing to do when you are nursing and pregnant and need to keep your fluids up but I would down water like it was my job and end up peeing most of it out because my body just wasn’t absorbing it.

pro-metabolic eating 2

Now I still will drink plain water but I always make sure to have an adrenal cocktail at some point in my day. There are a wide range of recipes but my go to is always 4oz of orange juice, 4 oz of coconut water, a dash of cream of tartar and a dash of salt. Mix it all together and its like your daily mineral replenisher. I think it’s the reason I have felt like I have had so much energy this past year.

A few other things I have noticed is I rarely have acne breakouts since my hormones have naturally balanced out as a byproduct of eating this way. My digestion is so much better, I do not get as overwhelmed as I once did because my body is properly nourished and I’m not running off of cortisol. I really feel like I can manage my life in a better way and the littlest things don’t overwhelm as much because of the measures I have taken with this approach. I’ll share what I eat in a day next but what works for me may not work for you and that is the beauty of pro metabolic eating. YOU find out what works for YOU.


On a typical day I will have a Pre-Breakfast snack as soon as I wake up whether that is a Yolky coffee Drink (recipe from Noelle Kavory- ig is linked here) or a gut gummy with some cheese.

Then I usually have eggs with breakfast potatoes and bacon with a piece of sourdough toast and butter and some fresh fruit

My morning coffee always follows breakfast. I doctor my coffee with organic half and half, maple syrup, and collagen.

This is my favorite collagen and actually one of my favorite supplement brands! (This is my affiliate link so please know if you choose to buy I do get a small commission.)

Morning snack: depending on if I had a gummy or a yolky drink I’ll have the opposite for my morning snack or else a raw carrot salad


This I where I usually will have left overs from the night before. Fallon’s Nourishing Ramen is easy to make ahead of time – and I have been obsessed with since the first time I tried it, It is so easy to add a variety of veggies to and it is packed with protein.

Fallon’s Batch Cookbook comes highly recommended from me as most of the recipes are easy make ahead meals with busy (postpartum) moms in mind!

After noon snack: I will have an Adrenal cocktail followed by a blueberry, pumpkin, or banana muffin (whatever is on hand!) and cheese!


This shouldn’t come as a surprise but dinner is usually from Fallons Cookbook. I love the Chicken enchilada’s, and the cheesy beef and rice casserole.

Evening Snack: I will be sipping on a warm drink whether its bone broth hot chocolate or just an evening tea and have something light like cheese or fruit if I’m hungry!

pro-metabolic eating 3

That might have been a lot for you and you might be left with wanting more. If that is the case please reach out to me so I can point you in hopefully the right direction! As always thank you for reading and I’ll see you next week 🙂

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