Life Update: What to Expect these Next Couple Months

This post is going to be a little bit different from my previous posts because I want catch you up on what has been going on the last few months and what you can expect moving forward.

Besides the whole moving into our new house and settling in, I found out that I am expecting baby number TWO in February!! We are so excited to meet this little love! I can’t wait to truly savor this next newborn stage. I feel like when it is your first baby you are adjusting to so many things that you don’t fully appreciate those tiny babies as much as people tell you to.

As for how I have been feeling, I’m feeling really good. Aside from the tiredness I forget that I am pregnant! With my first pregnancy I had some nausea but with this one its few and far between.

You may have noticed I have been quite absent on my IG stories and the reality of it is, is I use this blog and instagram as a way to foster my creativity when I have the time and energy for it. And I really haven’t had the energy for it. lol

I’m not sure as to how much I will be sharing of my pregnancy. While I do think its important to hear other people’s experience I don’t know that I am comfortable with sharing a whole lot of my experience. But if you do have any questions you can always send me an email or a dm on instagram. I’d be more than willing to have a conversation that’s a little more private.

So what does that mean for the blog? Nothing much changes except I won’t be tackling any major projects. I’ll be nesting when the urge strikes and with that I am feeling extra thankful I get to do that in my own home.

You’ll still be getting a weekly blog post leading up to my pregnancy and I am hoping to continue that once the baby is born. I”m actually planning on working ahead and having posts ready to go each week. We will see if I’m on the ball as much as I hope to be. lol

I also have a sister that is getting married this fall so we are busy planning a bridal shower, last weekend, and getting everything set for that. Lets just say I will be doing a lot of road trips this fall!

So that’s all I have for now! If you have made it this far, I just wanted to say thank you! Even just clicking the link to read the post helps me so much. I’ll be a bit better about sharing day to day things since I don’t need to hide my belly from the camera lol

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