Quilting Project For When You Are Just Starting Out

You have just started quilting and are looking for some inspo for your first quilting project and aren’t sure where to start. This post will hopefully be the resource that I wish I had when it comes to finding quilts to sew.

Thinking back to those early days I was so excited to be the one gifting a quilting project I couldn’t wait to get started but was honestly a bit overwhelmed. It’s kind of like learning a new language tbh. Read Encouragement for when you are new to quilting.

quilting project
Patchwork Flying Geese – Emily Dennis Pattern

World of Patterns

If you have done a little bit of research and have a general idea of the quilting process, let’s dive into the world of patterns. I’ll be honest here, patterns felt really intimidating to me at first but they actually make the process so easy. Here are a few of my favorite quilting blogs.

  • Suzy Quilts– Link to here free pattern page of her website, you have to do some digging for her free quilting patterns but she has so many fun projects. She does a lot of hand stitching.
  • Quilty Love by Emily Dennis – She makes a lot of quilts on. her machine. Many of them are fun scrappy versions too which is a huge bonus! (Less waste!) I love her quilt bundles.

Once you have your Quilt Pattern for your quilting project there is not much too it besides just reading through it thoroughly. I liked to read through it like three time before I start. They tell you how much fabric you will need depending on the size of quilt (baby, throw size, twin, full, etc.) how to cut your fabrics based on if you are using fat quarter bundles or scraps from your fabric stash and how to sew all the pieces together.

I find myself constantly referring back to the pattern after every step of my quilting project. IF it is your first time using a pattern they typically don’t tell you how to do the basting or the binding. I have a step by step process in my Instagram Highlights of the whole quilting process. Click here for the Basting Tutorial and here for the Binding Tutorial.

Needless to say but quilting patterns will make your life easier.

I’m currently working on this quilting project that will be a baby blanket for a baby boy and I almost have the quilt top completed. This is the Lucky Log Cabins Quilt Pattern from Emily Dennis.

Hope this helps ease your woes with quilt patterns and quilting projects. Using patterns is the best way to complete your quilting projects when you are just starting out.

Remember to read Encouragement for When You Are New to Quilting.

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