Bonus Blog Post: My Winter Hobby

If you are anything like me you love the summer months, running around with bare feet, feeling that sunshine, being outside, but once that chill starts to hang in the air you can’t wait for those dreary days to make cozy food and craft your heart away. I love watching the snow fall with a nice warm drink and a few puzzle pieces in hand. But one of my favorite winter hobby is sitting at my sewing machine.

For those of you that sew all year round my hat goes off to you. I find it very hard to be inside sewing on my sewing machine when it is sunny and warm. I guess that’s part of the reason why I look forward to the chilly blistery weather so I can turn on the Great British Baking Show and sew my heart out.

This winter (before baby comes) I want to create a list of projects I’d like to create and complete over the next year. Before I can complete those projects though, I really need to establish some sewing room systems and organization because at this present moment things are hidden away and I really don’t remember what is in my stash. Did I just out myself as an organization nerd? lol

Need some Encouragement for when you are new to Quilting? You’ll love this!

A few of my goals this winter are to:

  • Get my quilting stash in tip top shape so it is easier to pull fabric out for quilts
  • Cut and organize scrap fabric into easier to use pieces
  • Pull out fabric that could be made into kids clothes
  • Try to sew a few kids clothing patterns
  • Sort through large fabric bins

I’m going to stop there before I get too carried away and sound way too ambitious. lol

Overall the goal is to organize my fabric stash to be more accessible and easy to use. Right now it is shoved in plastic totes, in wooden bins with a variety of sizes, patterns, and colors. Maybe this will even inspire me to finally make that t-shirt quilt from all my old t-shirts. That has been on the to do list for a while.

sewing stash
My Current Sewing Stash Situation.,,

I could use some stash organization tips and tricks if you have any! I thrive when everything is in its place and when I have an easy to follow system. I guess the biggest thing I need to look into is what are the most useable dimensions and ways to use scraps. If you have any tips to share I would love to hear them otherwise! Otherwise I will update you on my quilt stash organization when it is complete or at least more of a work in progress!

Looking for some quilting inspiration? Pinterest is my favorite place to find it!

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