I might attempt a 10 item Capsule Wardrobe…

10 item capsule wardrobe

If you’ve been around for a while you know I’ve been playing around with a minimal closet and wardrobe especially over the last year. My most recent discovery is the 10 Item Capsule Wardrobe.

After trying project 333 pretty much all last year- read my thoughts all about it! I have become more aware of what items I like to wear and what makes me feel comfortable. In fact, I find myself repeating outfits over and over again so why not try the 10 item capsule.

I stumbled upon this concept on YouTube while watching a video from Madison Gray. For some reason, I can’t get this idea out of my head. Visibly seeing everything, every single piece of clothing she has hanging on ONE rack is incredibly inspiring. Lately, I have been yearning for simplicity. In my home. In my days. In my wardrobe. In my life.

How awesome would it be to love EVERY. SINGLE. clothing item in your closet. Now Madison lives near the beach and has little need for seasonal items but I would love to pack up my winter/ fall items only keeping pieces I absolutely love.

Some how I have become a slave to my close. I want to free myself from the chore and the clutter that exists in my wardrobe. Really hone in on my personal style. I feel like I am finally ready to let go of the girl I used to be. To say goodbye to the high school and college clothing favorites that served me so well but just don’t fit me like they use to. I mean I’ve had two babies now and my body has changed.

I’ve felt a shift in my world since having my second child. Like I am now a full blown mom, with TWO kids, I feel like motherhood has fully set into my personality and identity.

I used to be the girl so self conscious about wearing the same clothing item in the same week to school. Like I wanted to have a different outfit every day of the week. I look back at that now and wonder where I got that notion from… probably the deep dark whole of comparison.

The challenge I set for myself at the beginning of the year to make first, thrift second, and buy third is probably what makes the 10 item capsule appealing to me. I think the last clothing item I bought for myself was in February right before my daughter was born. I wanted some new comfy loungewear pieces for postpartum and didn’t feel like figuring out my serger just yet. haha (Confession, I still haven’t… )

Going leisurely shopping doesn’t even sound fun for me anymore. I have pulled so far back on my spending habits that I’m really only buying what is needed and necessary. I am not tempted to buy “just because it was on sale.” Which has been even more freeing.

I’d love to know if you have tried a minimal wardrobe or would try the 10 item capsule for yourself?

I’ll keep you updated on instagram about the whole process lol

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