Did I Solve my Living Room Struggles?

did I solve my living room struggles?

Did a couch really solve all my living room struggles?

Simply put, yes, I think it did. This is a follow up post to this one.

The couch we ordered is from Home Reserve. It is a modular design with washable and pet friendly fabric. I think it is the perfect size for the space. I also love that you can order different covers if your style ever changes. How fun is that?!

living room coffee table

We also added a dresser underneath the TV and it has been great to have a more permeant place for miscellaneous items like mail and keys. I also hid our internet router and modem in the bottom drawer, and the other is currently housing some board games.

home design

We were able to relocate the end table to our guest room and we bought a new rug that is slightly longer which helps to fill the floor space.

Then we built a buffet table to go behind the couch to hold lamps, speakers, drinks, remotes, and a few decor pieces.

home trends living room workspace

The coffee table that was previously under the tv is now located in its rightful place in front of the couch. This coffee table is a live edge piece of oak my husband and father in law bought from an amish saw mill. They both enjoy wood working so it was a fun trip for them. We have had it for a few years now and still love how solid it is.

living room struggles solved

Since moving my workspace upstairs, I conveniently added another seat to our small living room. I love when things turn out to be more functional with a few tweaks. Love the mirror on the wall? Find out what color it used to be!

The blanket box/ window seat is staying put and I love it. It currently is the home to my sewing machine and iron when they are not in use.


Lastly, the Ikea chair moved to our sons room but I’m thinking we could get rid of it since we rarely hang out in there.

The living room struggles have all be resolved for the most part with a little bit of reorganizing and shopping of our home. Lately, I’ve been feeling this deep desire to minimize my home inventory and really find what is truly necessary. Maybe a preview as to what is to come 😉

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