I’m Doing it: This is My 10 Item Summer Capsule

10 item summer capsule

The pondering is over as I have decided to make a 10 item capsule wardrobe for summer. For more on my reasons why, read more here.

This post will be all about the pieces I have selected for my capsule.

I live in the Midwest so our summers are hot + humid and in the earlier months you need a few layers for the cooler nights and early mornings.

I selected a black linen button up and a denim button up.

For the main part of my capsule I have some fun blouses. I love this gingham one and this striped one both from CJLA.

Next we have Bottoms. First, I have this black and white striped skirt I thrifted years ago. It is the perfect weight to slide on over my swimsuit. Then I bought these linen shorts on clearance last year.

Then there are two pairs of jeans for when its chillier. A medium wash with distressing and a simple black denim.

Finally we end with dresses. I love dresses so I picked three. The gingham dress (duh.) A simple black Spaghetti strap that has been a staple the past couple summers. And lastly this beautiful mauve tiered dress from CJLA.

Two things I would like to add to my summer wardrobe are some jean shorts and a linen skirt. I’m going to DIY them both so look out for those!

*This is about 14 pieces but I love the overall concept* DO WHAT WORKS FOR YOU

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