10 Things You Should Know About Me

10 things you should know about me

If we truly are going to be friends these are ten things you should know about me. There is no particular order to these just a few of the things that make me who I am. I’d love to know if there is anything the resonates with you. Okay, Enjoy!

  1. I’ve worn glasses since third grade. I even played basketball in them for a full year before getting contacts. (Thank you to super glue for holding them together until then)
  2. I am obsessed with Barefoot Shoes and really being barefoot as much as possible. Our feet are amazing.
  3. I love intentionality. In my home, with my time, with my food, with motherhood. Being intentional with time is probably why am a huge quality time gal. Doing anything with a clear purpose in mind is something I have struggled with in the past. What I’ve realized is that I can make something simply because I enjoy it, not because anyone else does. (Still recovering from my people pleasing tendencies.)
  4. Volleyball has been a huge part of my life. 12+ years I played and loved every minute. I have coached a few seasons here and there since. Fun Fact: I actually got to play with 3 of my sisters in high school and college, talk about the best memories.
  5. My husband and I met the summer of ’09 in a corn field. We “dated” after our summer job ended even though we lived 6 hours apart. I broke up with him because my friend told me to lol but also because neither one of us could drive. I never knew when I could see him. He held a grudge for a very long time after but stayed friends with me. After I moved to the Twin Cities in October of 2017, the distance was no longer an issue we were married within a year after I moved. lol
  6. I have been slowly transitioning to a more natural fiber wardrobe. Meaning 100% Cotton, Linen Blends. Did you know polyester is made of plastics that actually leech into your skin over time. Ew.
  7. I’m crunchy, like reeeaaally crunchy. Like eat beef liver, raw milk, make my own bread, home birth my babies kinda crunchy.
  8. I lived in a tiny house in my parents backyard for 2 years while in college. Probably why I want to minimize the amount of things I have now. I actually wouldn’t mind living in a tiny home again but with my family this time. lol
  9. Sewing has evolved into such a sacred, rewarding, process for me. I love watching a project come together. Creating in this way not only serves me but my family as well.
  10. I have 9 Siblings. (5 Brothers and 4 sisters and I am the oldest girl.) I feel so fortunate to have a family that is so loving and supportive. They really are the best.

Hope you enjoyed getting to know me a bit better. Did you know all this? Did you find it interesting at all? lol I’m over here thinking you know all this and this post is really boring lol

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