Updating the Exterior of Our House

updating the exterior of our exterior

A few weeks ago we spent the day updating the exterior of our house! There were a few items we wanted to change to make it fit with our neighborhood a little better.

I’ll start off with the punch list of things we wanted to change:

  • Remove old shutters and replace with a more classic look
  • Remove border around the front door
  • Add fence panels
  • Finish gate
  • Replace Mailbox
  • Switch out light fixture
Our new Home
This is what the house looked like the day we moved in.

Our day started at Menards to gather all the supplies we needed. We started with finishing off the fence. We have never installed a fence before but felt comfortable enough to try it for ourselves. Actually turned out to be a pretty easy job that took the bulk of our time.

While waiting for concrete to settle fence posts, I spray painted our new mail box from this bronze color to black.

mail box before

Next we finished the gate that my husband started but would change if he were to do it again. It keeps our son and go in the back yard so far so from me its a win! I didn’t take any pictures..

Then moving onto the front of the house since my husband already tore off the old shutters and the border around the door, this was our starting point!

We were able to install the new shutters and the new mailbox.

We have yet to exchange the light fixture but most of our punch list was accomplished which felt good for only a days worth of work. My husband and I enjoy completing home projects together so it was fun to see all our work from the day.

Now we don’t have to worry about our child or our dog roaming up to the front yard and the front of our house feels more classic and timeless which is what my husband and I love.

exterior of our house

While it looks like we updated our front door we have not. It is still that teal color. But fear not it will be getting replaced, at some point! With the help of my mother-in-law we switched out the front landscaping. I also didn’t have a picture taken by the time this post went up. But this the last photo is almost what our house looks like!

I think fits better with the neighborhood, even though our new neighbors across the street started painting this awnings the teal color of our front door… it wouldn’t have been my choice but it is their house haha!

If you want to see the inside of our house I have an empty photo tour you can check out! Find the post here – Empty House Photo Tour.

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