Pantry Problems? Here’s what to do

pantry organization tips

Organizing your pantry can seem like an overwhelming job but with these tips I’m convinced you’ll be rocking this summer season with ease. 

I had the pleasure of being collaborator on the rent blog with Wesley Masters all about streamlining your pantry for the summer. 

1. Clear out your pantry space

With any decluttering project its best to dive right in and start with a clean sate. You are able to take and inventory and clean out expired items.  You can also take this opportunity to deep clean the space thoroughly. 

2. Decide what gets to stay and what gets to go. 

A major hang up for me seems to be the overwhelming amount of kitchen appliances. you have the air fryer, toaster, blender, food processor, toaster oven, instant pot, crockpot. Somehow I seemed to have all of these items cluttering up my kitchen and decided it was time to truly take a stock of what I use and what I don’t. I kept the blender, the toaster, and the crockpot.

Aside from these 3 items, I haven’t used the other items in the past year, so it was my clue it was time to declutter the rest. If you feel stuck remember taking the time now to throughly and thoughtfully group items together will save you time down the road because you will know where everything is and how everything has a home. 

3. Two rules to live by: Your clutter gives you clues and it has to be just as easy to put something away as it is to leave it out.

Keep these two rules in mind when you’ve set your pantry system and are in upkeep mode. If something isn’t working you can make a quick change nothing is set in stone. Make you pantry work for your current season and see what else I said over on Rent.

kitchen organization

4. Lastly when talking about food storage containers, being able to store them with the covers attached is ideal. I used to have the covers in this wire basket thinking it would be easier to stack them with out the covers but its just not. You don’t have to rifle through the bin for the lid because it is already attached.

5. Everything is harder in a cluttered kitchen, make life easy on yourself and your family, organize that pantry so you can move through these summer months with ease. 

Looking for more Kitchen organization tips? There is more to be found over on rent! 

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