Declutter My House: Decluttering Your Closet Edition

Declutter my house closet

Feeling the closet/ clothes clutter overwhelm? Decluttering your closet is one of those things we neglect for far too long.

Kinda of like in my kitchen declutter we are going to set up your closet for the current season we are in. Try not to focus on the size on the tag but rather what are you wearing that makes you feel good right now. You’ll need a box for Donations, a box for “time will tell” and a bag for trash. Let’s dive in.

1. Make Your Bed

The first major step in decluttering your closet stars with a well made bed.

closet declutter

Seriously start here! By making your bed you are giving yourself a clean work space. You already tackled one task on the to do list too. Whoo!!

2. Favorites First

Next you’ll start by sorting out your favorite clothing items and placing them on your bed. These are the items that fit, are comfortable, and you reach for every week (or look for everyday). Take notice of what these items are. A pair of leggings with a t shirt? Jeans and a sweater? Don’t put anything on the bed that you don’t absolutely love. And as a curiosity count how many items end up on the bed. You may be participating in Project 333 already!

IF you are curious about project 333, I experimented with it all last year. Read My thoughts on a Minimal Closet.

decluttering your closet

If the items are similar in nature I would encourage you to make a daily “uniform” or a default outfit. This doesn’t sound as boring as it seems. I created a default outfit this pregnancy with a pair of leggings, a t-shirt, and a cardigan. It simplified the process of getting dressed and the amount of time I spent thinking about what to wear.

3. Sort it out

Lastly we work on sorting all the rest, just like in the kitchen declutter we will have our three categories. Time will Tell, Donations, and Trash. With these three categories you can easily pick through your closet and declutter the items you aren’t sure about (time will tell), can get rid of (donations) and what would be something no one would need or want (trash).

Since I am/will be in the season of transitioning from being pregnant to postpartum and nursing. I set up my closet (my dresser specifically) to have a lot of comfy pants and nursing friendly items that fit me and I feel good in. So instead of labeling the box “time will Tell” I labeled it “Kate- Pregnancy Clothes” because a lot of the items I sorted out I only wear when I have a bump to show off. I also separated the winter items I would typically wear when not pregnant and put those in their own bin as well. So then next fall, I can easily sort through them and decide what I’d like to keep in my wardrobe.

Regardless of the season you are in, I want to encourage you to always keep items in your closet that fit you right now and you feel good in because we all deserve a wardrobe that works for us. We don’t need the visual reminder of what we used to fit into nor the clutter of what used to be. Plus I’m not telling you to get rid of all the items that don’t fit. I’m simply suggesting you put the items away that aren’t serving you right now.

Hope this process makes it easy for you to declutter your closet! There are crazy statistics about clothing like you wear 20% of your wardrobe 80% of the time… why don’t we balance that out by cutting out what’s not serving us right now. Happy decluttering 🙂

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